Crew-Barons- 1 spot open. 12-13* titans

We’ve stilĺ got one spot available. We’re currently fighting a 12* rare titan.

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Got to love the Rare Titans…:heart:
Give the Crew- Barons a go…friendly group who want you reaching for the sky

2 spots available.

Should consider the Crew-Barons if not for their knowledge then at least for the outfits

Another bump up for this lovely Sunday afternoon

Monday night all cozy and warm cuddled up under a warm blanket and thankful to E&P and the friends I have met like the Crew family…so here’s a bump for the Barons

Come on join the Crew family by starting with the Crew-Barons…a great and helpful family who like to see you grow

Come on, you know you want to.

Maybe they are being shy…anyway crazy not to join the great a wonderful Crew Family

Saturday bumpity bump for the Crew-Barons

So Monday is here again…joy joy…woke up to snow…now rain…just want to take a nap but will bumpity bump the Crew-Barons

2 spots available…


Unbelievable that you have spots open
Why haven’t you joined the Crew family yet…
sure they are competitive you doesn’t feel happy taking down a Titan or winning a War…but you also get the expertise and knowledge and that’s just one of the bonuses…want to know the otheres… well you need to join first

Amazing to see how far this post dropped down too…anyone checking to make sure to update…helllo…hello…hello
bumpity bump

Step right up Ladies, Gentleman, Animal spirits great and small, and any other species I may have forgotten…have you heard the Crew-Barons have some openings…get in now while you have the opportunity

Fancy outfits…great family…so why haven’t you joined

3 spots available…

I think I’ll join y’all.


Contact me on Line: ffphier or request an invite in game.

Congrats you caught a fish…I mean player
bumpity bump bump

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