Crew-Barons- 1 spot open. 12-13* titans

so no chocolate could be found…maybe the next War…

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So another bump from the fabulous and beautiful STAR

Currently full, waitlist available or contact me for other available Crew options. Line ID: ffphier

can you really ever be full…because once you see that dessert cart roll by or somebody eating a delicious chocolate cake…you magically have more room…lol…
by the way a waiting list is never a bad thing when it’s for a good thing and the Crew family is a good thing

bumping up from my last post.
bump bump bump

We have one spot open now.

only 1 spot available!!! how can this be…it should read waiting list open

Honestly join the Crew Barons…if that is not your cup of tea they also have a variety of fine alchohol to serve you instead.

Thursday morning bump, no. 6

I joined these fine ladies and ghouls about a month ago. If you’re looking for a mid-high level alliance, look no further! We’re a helpful family, the Crews!

Evening bump for the Crew-Barons
also remember to wash your silk undies or get a rash

Love these fine folks…wish I could war with them again.

I feel a cage match up challenge…I get front row seats this time…also please have a concession stand this time too…I like snacks when watching a battle

just a nightly friendly bump
good luck in war

Bump bumpity bump bump
War results???

Hello Barons are you still alive

1 spot available…

I hope you get your spot filled

If you’re looking for a place to call home and a place to grow…look no further then the Crew family and join the Barons

Bump bump bump to infinity and beyond

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