Crew-Barons- 1 spot open. 12-13* titans

You know, if y’all keep winning, you just might catch another Crew on Crew matchup with Raiders.


Bumping up Crew threads.

Do yourself a favor - join a Crew! Be part of the best family of alliances in the game.

Spots for all levels.


i want a heads up on this, may take the day off work for the next one, didn’t catch as much of the last one as i wanted(though what i did catch was very entertaining and well played by both sides)

Crew V Crew wars are awesome!!! Been a part of both, 1-1 in the win/loss record. Loss to this great group. We’ll be back for rematch


did you win??

20 curiosities

One of our better performances.


We have 1 open spot.

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Great Crew, recently had the opportunity to war against them…quite the team, well organized, and a top notch CREW… Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity.


We are full again. Contact for waitlist or check out one of the other great Crew Alliances listed in the top post.

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:zero: spots open
🆆ait-list open

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glad you guys are full, bumpin anyways

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we have 1 open spot.

Dang only 1 spot or is that filled now

Hey! Hey! Yes, you. Wadda you doin? Just browsing or are you looking for a winning team? Check these guys out, they’re getting it done yo

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Full again. There are still a few open spots in Crew-Squires Wardogz and Crew-Raiders with similar requirements

These guys are always full. That ain’t no fluke. Get on the list if you’re hoping to join this Crew to see what it’s all about.

bumpitty bump bump bumpitty bumpp

Keep full @ffphier and rest of Baron’s, Jesters want to clown around in war again. Get the waiting list full too.


just another friendly bump

How was war?! Keep pushing towards the top y’all!