Crew-Barons- 1 spot open. 12-13* titans

Amazing to see how far this post dropped down too…anyone checking to make sure to update…helllo…hello…hello
bumpity bump

Step right up Ladies, Gentleman, Animal spirits great and small, and any other species I may have forgotten…have you heard the Crew-Barons have some openings…get in now while you have the opportunity

Fancy outfits…great family…so why haven’t you joined

3 spots available…

I think I’ll join y’all.


Contact me on Line: ffphier or request an invite in game.

Congrats you caught a fish…I mean player
bumpity bump bump

2 spots available…

Here for a friendly bump. Good luck in war.

@ffphier My phone has been really unstable since the incident yesterday — trying to let it dry out until the last minute in the hopes that I get in for the rest of my hits (at least I got one in)… In parallel, trying to install the android sdk to get in via computer… If all else fails, I’ll have to go Monday for repair/replacement… (Sorry for the o so public contact, but the only non-phone connection I knew of…).

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We have room for 1 more. 12* titans, coordinated but flexible war strategy.

Hoping you get your last spot filled
bumpity bump

So here it is again…the Monday…and the long days before the weekend…I need a drink…lol…
oh and join the Crew-Barons

Wednesday night not Wednesday Addams bumpity bump…fill your spots and win your War

Crew Barons has 4 spots open right now! 11-13* Titans and part of the Crew Alliance. Come join us! Hit me up @Kmelin on Line.

Your Christmas wishes are granted. An opening in a fantastic alliance. Come fill them back up.

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bump bump bump…

complete sentence…

Created new thread, since ffphier has moved to another Crew and won’t be recruiting for us: Crew-Barons - 4 spots open. 12-13* titans

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