Creation of new rarity: 0*

These cards can be summoned in a new building (or can be obtained in Spring event with rabbits). The mechanism is summoning 0* cards named “Egg”. Just there will be only 5 kinds of Eggs: Yellow, Purple, Blue, Green and Red.

This Egg must be leveled up and ascended. If is fully ascended, this egg will hatch in a hero.
Ex: Red Egg will hatch red hero (can be any red hero including HoTM or event hero):
1* red hero chance: 50%
2* red hero chance: 25%
3* red hero chance: 15%
4* red hero chance: 7.5%
5* red hero chance: 2.5%

So you would feed 1* and 2* heroes to level the egg and then 50% of the time it become 1*?

With traning camp (level 20), I can hatch a 3* heroes 75% of the time, 4* heroes 20%, and 5* heroes 5%, no 1* or 2*.


Yes I would. Because I said “including HoTM or event heroes”. So is a good way to have non-regular 4* or 5* hero. I put 1* to 3* to make difficult those rarities.
I think any EXTRA ways to have non-regular hero is good for players, specially for F2P players (like me haha)

Obs: I said leveling to hatch, but I never said “how many” level is required to hatch". So can be easy or hard to hatch with chance to have non-regular 5*

I am waiting for Hero Academy regarding them.


me too… I hope this hero academy do more than my expectation… =D