Creation of Heroe at level 20

This is not a Idea is something happened in this game Common smallgiants i reach level 20 and you guys know how hard is to reach level 20 and my First Hero at level 20 is a 3 Star guy common i support you guys i spend real money in this game for that is not fair you guys need to fix that i love this game really but hey common. Have a great day smallgiant.

TC 20 gives you a CHANCE at 4* or 5* heroes. Not a guarantee. Keep churning them out and the 5* will drop eventually

Odds are about 1:16 of getting a 5* from TC20. It would be fun, but uncharacteristic, if the first hero from TC20 was guaranteed to be a 5*.


My first 5* hero from running two TC20 for slmost 3 months was the 81st hero they produced. Still waiting for a second.

The thing is this game does not favor people who spend money over people that don’t and it shouldn’t because it is not mandatory. It speeds some things up sure but what fun would it be for F2P players to have less of a chance at something than someone who spent money on the game. I have spent money, been disappointed quite a bit but how I choose to use my money/gems is my choice. Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don’t. I don’t understand why people that spend money think they are entitled to something better than someone else doing the same thing. If you want to feel entitled go buy an armani suit and show it off!

I didn’t read the OP as saying that he spent cash but didn’t receive a benefit, but that at the end of a long grind to TC20, he pulls a 3*. I shared that disappointment.


Какого хфига в 20 тренировояном лагере появляются герои трехзвездочные герои хотя написано обучение эпических и легендарных. Если бы я хотел тоенирлвать 3* я бы воспользовался более низким уровнем лагеря. Исправьте и немедленно.

Everyone shares that disappointment (I will when I get there). But complaining like he deserves more because he spends money is kind of funny.

It is just the same complaints everyday that come up. No one is happy with what they get…

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What Hfig in the 20 training camp appear heroes three-star heroes although written the training of epic and legendary. If I wanted to leave 3 * I would take a lower level camp. Correct and immediately. (Google translate)

TC20 states “training with chance of epic and legendary “. “Chance” means 3* is the normal output, with something better as a nice surprise.

Elsewhere on these boards is research supporting a ¼ chance of getting something better than a 3* hero, and of that ¼, ¼ of those are 5* heroes. So about 75% of the pulls are 3*, 19% are 4*, and 6% are 5*.

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Okay you say there is a 1 in 4 chance of getting epic or legendary character. I play with a friend. His first 2 attempts yielded an epic and a legendary character and my first 6 attempts have yielded nothing but rare. I might as well just spend 70 recruits on level 13 and consistently get elite instead of 100 recruits and consistently get rare characters. Funny thing is on my level 20 training, I have “trained” 3 of the same rare characters. Guess they’re not so rare.

It’s nearly impossible to make any valid statistical inference from a tiny set of data. The odds were calculated from 1,000 draws by dozens of players.

So in short: you and your friend did 8 trainings and got 2 epic/legendary heroes.

Sounds like 1 out of 4 to me :wink: