Creating your own alliance

How does one go about starting your own alliance? What is the best way to recruit?

There are several places to advertise for new players:

In-game: Alliance Recruitment Chat Room (from general chat, click the gear symbol in the upper right corner to switch to AR):

On Forum: Alliance Recruitment (bright green square), make your advertisement and update as needed.

It is getting increasingly hard to get recruits out of ar-alliance recruitment. I see sooooo many low level mostly knowing only general or global chat room and thats where they ask to be admitted to an alliance. My understanding though, if I try to put my ad there, I’ll get reported. Is there anything in the works to change the where new players go when the first get on to the chat rooms?

No, I don’t think so. Updating chat room mechanics hasn’t featured in any update or SG announcement that I’ve ever seen.

It is very hard to recruit, many successful alliances use a high intensity multifaceted approach including AR chat, various Line or Disccord groups, forum adverts, notoriety and word of mouth.

Recruitment is the Herculean task of this game. There’s a silent war among the recruiters everywhere (See my post about evil strategies Empires & Puzzles in Pax Romana). The developers should create instruments, in order to make recruiters lives less tough and avoid the rivalry that can destroy the friendship that most of the players search for. I would suggest the splitting of the AR into two: one for chat and a second one just for banners (whether they are colorful spams or not) with a certain daily limit per player. This way, the numbers of reports against banners should decrease. Furthermore, those recruiters who prefer to chat about diversified issues could develop their off topics without being disturbed by recruiters with banners.
The way recruitment works here doesn’t help those who aren’t aware of the strategies to get successful. I always try to observe the following steps:

  1. Greet the players in general, whenever get back to the room;
  2. Try to develop friendly conversation with those who answer the greeting or ask questions;
  3. Repeat a spam only after 5 minutes;
  4. Respect a negotiation between a recruit and a recruiter, only approaching the recruit if they don’t get matched with the former recruiter.
    I hope this could help in anyway!

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