Creating VIP channel

Creating VIP channel( room, place )

Maybe you wanna explain your idea a bit more detailed?
Currently I don’t know what the Devs should exactly do, in your opinion…
You want a in game chat room, just for those who brought VIP?

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Да кстати, интересно…

Mod edit

By the way, interesting …

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As @BlackFR said, can you give us any more information, otherwise I’ll probably close the thread :slightly_smiling_face:

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Maybe he wants us to guess. :wink:

ViP chat channel?
Poo channel?
English Channel?
Panama Channel?
TV channel?

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Basically made a channel (room space )for those who paid VIP it is a difficult especially on Spanish side. Chat any thing about the game ;always are problem ,some players made new accounts low level to creating bad amofere(persona problema argument bad behavior). It is fine if one spend hundreds of dollar also have good places to exchange ideas.

Let me made screenshots about what you said closed .my post. I send back to support administrations.

Your post was vague and @JonahTheBard was requesting more information. You have provided some more so now the community cannot comment. Had you not, the idea really had no value hence be suggested closing it.

For the record, I had no idea what you were talkinh about based on your original posts. Also, one of the tasks we do as mods is keep the forum clean, hence Jonah notes possibly closing the post.

I’d note that players at high levels also offer bad information. The forum is a good place to come for information.

I’d also note that there are many moderate spenders who have VIP. VIP is only $4.99 US a month. I’ve seen people consider c2p (cheap to pay) as $9.99 US a month.

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You are not empire &puzzle staff to Send me a Email . Any post discussion should had to be on the forum. I be sorry if one of two players do not understand I least one did

Dude, Kaffy is a moderator. He’s not only allowed to send you an email, he is being tactful in doing so, rather than calling you out publicly. I’m not a moderator, and I’m not going to be tactful.

Just stop. Quit before you get any further behind.

Your initial post was very vague. No one here understood what you were suggesting. We aren’t mind readers.

When people asked you to clarify your suggestion, you got belligerent and defensive. That doesn’t clarify your suggestion or make anyone want to vote for it. It just makes you look petulant and childish.

Then, when the mods reached out to you to try to help you understand, and maybe get through the obvious language barrier, you doubled down and got even more belligerent.

Come on, man. Act like a mature human being with some common courtesy.


Happy new year in the forum. :cake:
It’s your cake day and you’ll cry if you want to… :slightly_smiling_face:


As a wrote no player is allow to send me a Email it only concerned to empire &puzzle staff support officer . if they no take action . I know what is my next step. Against I be sorry one o two players misunderstood my post I lest one did Thank very much .note: it no good threat someone because have misunderstood.

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