Creating Alliances

Is there anyway to restrict new alliances being created. It should be anyone that has level 30+ that can create one so they have some credibility in the game rather than people who have been playing for 2 minutes!!

Just playing devil’s advocate…

What about families who just want to play with their partners and kids or friends?

Or people who want to be in an alliance of one?

Not everyone wants to be in a busy 20+ alliance or play to a moderate level first, like many forum devotees.

(Although I enjoy it very much personally)

@Jedon a penny for your thoughts?


Let them be 2 cents!

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I am a 1 player Alliance … for many months now.
Its not most welcome for me to be under other players command specially If I am an elder and they are mostly teenagers or if I know the game better than them but just joined so the just look at me as the new boy in town!
And also I have life … (every one has life) but my life a bit harder with a hard work to call me me in any time a day to handel head of a crisis room. So I can’t be in a multiplayers alliance cause I wont be there for them (life comes first)
And also I like more the Militarian Alliances not the family ones, which is rare in E&P and mostly full all the times cause soldiers never leave home unless they die first! I like being in a Play by order if the leader is a Vetren soldier or older than me.
So … after all that been said. What the Heck is your idea stands for?
Taking every thing from me and makes me lose my alliance to find my self surrounded by teens who mostly joined the game to find Bf/Gf


or just a one night joy

I :heart: E&P and SGG and Rigs


To be fair if that rule was in place, we wouldnt have had any alliances for the first few months of the game and most players would have bailed if they couldnt fight titans.

New rules like that are tricky. Makes it seem like the game should expect more from new players coming in than it did originally and all the veterans got a bigger leg up than we already have over them anyways.

Bad for PR in my opinion


Jedon if u wanted an organized casual alliance, all you gotta do is say so. I have 1 with openings. They participate daily, but if they cant then it’s understood. Killin 7* titans and winning wars.

Btw i strayed way off topic so prepared for the flag. Perhaps wait till jedon hits the like button first? Lol

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Yeah I get your point but if even so they can build up to a level then join one then. General chat is now full of level 10 people flooding the chat with requests to join an alliance over and over again and in a few weeks the alliances will probably be dissolved

I get you just ridiculous the amount of level 10 and under that start alliances and are constantly spamming the chats. Anyone that started the game early has a leg up like you say that’s just the way it is although very frustrating lol

I agree that’s an issue.

Couple better solutions though.

SG could create a random list of newbie alliances and offer those to a player when they hit lvl 4(true rpg style in my opinion)

Could put chat room switching into the tutorial

Could explain the benefits of joining a veteran alliance over creating a new one

Make cost of opening an alliance more expensive. 50 gems is basically 50 cents. Little low for somethin that’s ideally going to be permanent

Idk lots of different solutions, none are fool proof, all have drawbacks. But surely one could be viable enough to work

Or even make AR the first chat a player enters at level 4 rather than GC


The last paragraph is “unpredictable” amusing end. Lol


Yep, now I can understand it, when I meet friend who enjoy this game just being casual, no time “to use all flag” , target, order and just play when they can play.
Being in his own alliance make him not worried to much about orher expectations or make them upset.
So seem everyone have they own way to enjoy this game.


I am happy you find it amussing :smile:
But I really feel that they are already doing that. Look at the GC lol

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Rigs = the flagged king

Should have all the flag colors by now :rofl: