Creating a new a alliance

Hello guys, we are a group of 3-4 persons and we are thinking of leaving our current alliance, which is not as competitive as we want, and start a new one from scratch. Any advices on that? Will we be able to participate on wars with only 3-4 persons?

Yes you can. You guys can always just merge with another alliance too. There are always smaller alliances out there. Such as my own.

Wars can be fought with just one person alliances. If you wait until after the current war (please don’t bail during war, that’s a horrible thing to do to your current group) usually there are tons of alliances looking for members, either because of movement between sister alliances, or because of replacing non-participating/non-active members.

Do you want to be competitive just amongst your small group of buddies, or are you looking at climbing the leaderboards? If it’s the former, then your own alliance may be just fine for you…if it’s the second you may want to go as a group as @Starryeyedgryph suggested.

Leading an alliance is a big responsibility if you want to do it right, and I know from experience that recruiting can be a worse grind than the game itself.

Whichever way you choose to go, best of luck to you and your friends!

As others have said. You can consider merging with another alliance.

I might know one that is currently taking down 7/8* titans. Cough. Cough.

Ice cream party

Thank you guys!! We want to compete in the leaderboard and be the first one, hahahah. Well, as I see it the choices are 3.

  1. We merge with another small alliance but I don’t consider this a good option because I assume there will be not a lot of things to share.
  2. Going to a competitive alliance to learn more about the game from experienced players. I like this option but we are a mixed group with not the same stength. I have almost 3500 defense and the “weaker” one has 2000.
  3. Making our own alliance. We will make our own rules and it will be easier to try new strategies if we are in charge. Off course recruiting will be difficult but maybe it will worth the trouble.

My point is that I like to talk about strategies and try several things and I don’t think that every alliance approches the game like that.

You’d be surprised…

I know all 4 of our alliances try different strategies and tactis all the time and typically ones even suggested by players outside of leadership

Doubt we’re the only ones

My advice:

Visit different alliances for awhile. Stay for at least 1 war. If u find one u like, stay. If you run through 10 active alliances and still haven’t found 1 that suits your views, start a new one.

That’s advice i would give to any player conisdering starting a new alliance


I will consider my second option more thoroughly. thanks for the reply

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