Create ways to earn acension items

Hi everyone , I’m Yoav. I wanna ask small giant to offer us more options to get acension stuff. Man I’ve been waiting for ever and it’s pretty frustrating. I believe they should do more offers so we can win and or buy them . Also they need to offer all of them and let the person choose which one they want . heck I got enough tall boots to last a lifetime , Mix it up a little . OMG

check this out and see details of alchemy lab. You can get AM there in future


Alchemy Lab Abilities

The first version of Alchemy Lab works by taking a number of ingredients of a particular rarity, and giving you a random item of a specified rarity, depending on the level used in the Alchemy Lab.

It’s a bit akin to a Training Camp for items, where you put in resources, and a while later one of several possible items for that level pops out.

It can transmute Crafting Ingredients, Battle Items, and Ascension Materials.

And to answer the obvious question: yes, there are Alchemy Lab levels that make it possible to produce 3* and 4* Unfarmable Ascension Materials — but which item you receive would be random, at least in this first version.

In the current version of Beta, all of the recipes require a mix of Gems, Food, and items of the same type, which you can pick from any of the items of that type/rarity, e.g. you can transmute 3* Farmable Battle Manuals to try for Unfarmable 3* and 4* Ascension Materials.

As this is brand new to Beta and very likely to change, I’m holding off on publishing all of the Transmutation costs and options for the moment, to avoid propagating information that will likely be outdated very shortly.

I will publish full details as Beta continues.


s & g please no gems… MystWar is arrived in beta version. If nececery I can switch the games, regards

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You get less gems in Mythwars for the usefull summons. SG gave us gems as gift when we started…Karma does not. Better keep this in mind.

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Thank the Gods! I’ve been waiting since I started playing (six months ago) for scabbard ascension materials. I’ve found one about five months ago and I play multiple times per day. For there to not even be an option to buy the materials is super frustrating.

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I’ve been playing a lot of games and trust me, E&P already allows us to get some items from various ways.

Plus if you check only a few months ago, war chests were not a thing (now it is, a new way to get items), raid tournament was not a thing neither (now it is, an other new way to get items). And I probably forget some things.

Now they’re bringing the Alchemy Lab, AN OTHER WAY to get items.

All those new things + the old ones (quests, titan chest, raid chest, farming chest)… That’s already a lot of ways to get some items to me…

Of course, we will never get enough as we’re all in a hurry when we wanna up a heroes but if we could do it whenever we want to, the game would just have no more goal to reach imo.


I agree with you , I love the wow factor of this game . When you get a great board and totally wreck someone levels above you or get that awesome hero in summons unexpectedly . I even like the surprise of getting that long awaited acension item. I just feel that after waiting too long it’s no longer fun anymore it becomes a drag. I mean come on six months to take one hero up a level is ridiculous . I say make acension items more accessible and create bigger challenges for those heros .

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