Create Separate Chat Room for Mercs [MASTER]

If the merc helps them beat an 8* they are stuck with an 8* next time and can’t beat it (possibly) whereas if they revert to a 7* for a couple of days they can get more rewards and grow together as an alliance. Without mercs.

This thread was created more than 2.5 years ago in April 2018! I think that a separate chat room for mercs will never happen.

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Pumping this up! Peer support channel is literally full of merc requests. Nothing else. Would it be time to make new room for titan mercs? Or at least forbid titan help request from PS!! That chat is literally ruined atm.


Call the new room “TITAN HELP”. Then mercs can hang out there, and those who don’t read the rules won’t mistake Peer Support for “support us by killing our Titan as we don’t know when it’s best to pass one”.


Yes i agree, it would be great

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Welcome to the community @SuperTORD! :smile:

Btw, anyone with votes available please vote. Only 17 votes atm. :sweat_smile:


I’m not sure if the vote count is a lack of interest or more a lack of confidence it’ll ever be implemented. 4 years in and the devs hatred of mercs is as strong as ever (see latest game update).

Will they implement a chat room to help alliances find mercs with an exclusive chat?

To be continued…

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Tbh, based on the continued nerfs to mercs, I don’t ever seen them creating a separate chat room for mercs. BUT, gotta at least try imo. :sweat_smile:

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Well, I actually would be happy, if they banned merc requests from peer support. It’s just stupid. Now days, it’s all about help us kill the titan going over and over again.

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I don’t mind reasonable requests but when they post the same message 6 times in a row or start asking with 20 hours and millions of hp left? Nope.

There’s one right now that’s been asking for mercs for a rare since right after it spawned.

But I agree that SG will never create a specific room for merc requests.

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Maybe if they were prohibited from posting merc requests in other rooms, SG could view it as a nerf to mercs, and give us all some peace :slight_smile:


Definitely need a solution to the pollution of merc requests in chat rooms, especially in Peer Support!

  1. A separate chat room for alliance help
  2. 1000 blocks back

Doesn’t seem like this is a new issue, but one that is ongoing, and seems to have become more of an issue since POV. So, why can’t something be done about it? Limiting the full loot with the 20 hour wait time, the 12 hour titan chest, and the number of days in an alliance to collect rare loot isn’t going to fix the issue that is being complained about.

I am not personally against the concept of mercing. I can see how some alliances will need that extra help when a titan is near death and several factors are preventing them from killing it, like everyone is off line and those who are don’t have flags or flasks. Or even when a rare spawns that is one star up and the alliance anticipated passing on the next titan, but nobody wants to let a rare go by. Finally, people merc to take advantage of gathering more food and iron needed for the ridiculous amount needed for building, ascending heroes, troops, crafiting, etc…

Since POV the merc requests have multiplied. Alliances are not managing their titans, mercs are joining alliances and pushing to kill a titan so they can move on to the next and post more requests, etc… The chat rooms are now flooded with requests that are ridiculous, such as 1.6 million left 16 hours! Not to mention the spammers.

Many of these requests posted in chat are the same people on a daily basis. So, the simple solution is to quietly use the in game “Block” feature and move on. Seems like a solution. Well, it’s not a solution now, since the number of blocks a person can have was changed from 1000 to 200. Now, the blocking of the habitual merc requesters are blocked on a 200 person rotation. They eventually reappear and then back at blocking them.

The Peer Support chat room is specifically designed so that people can ask and answer game related questions. When I started playing the game I found PS early, and learned so much from the players that frequented the room. Newer and current players are not getting that same experience because everything get lost in the merc requests, which are not much different than recruiting adds. In addition, those who used to regularly frequent PS are not because of the ads, thus the amount of game discussion and number of experienced players to answer questions has plummeted… and now even more limited to try to clean up our on visible chat, with how many we can block before they become unblocked.

Merc requests are not a Peer Support!

I also don’t think it’s fair to pawn them off on the other chat rooms… Alliance Recruitment should be for recruiting and General Chat is for whatever General is.

I personally, if I wanted to merc for resources, would prefer to go to a specific chat room where all the requests are in one place… rather than bouncing between General Global and Alliance Recruitment.

Requesting for titan help is not going to disappear! So, at least provide your patrons (people who play the game and give you $$) with options that eliminate some of the frustration.


I feel so annoyed when I go to the Global chatroom for Norway. Because there are more ‘help titan’ posts than what people are supposed to do there: chat and being social. I am not sure how it looks like for other countries, but for Norwegians, it is not possible to do a normal conversation without scrolling through the spam and find chat posts instead of titan post/spam.

Can you please consider to create a new room just for this purpose? Like recruitment room

I hope players can support me on this idea. Maybe it has been suggested before? I couldn’t find it.

I’ve found players are recruiting on every channel in Global Chat :sweat:. There are 5 separate English language rooms. It is what it is, recruiting is tough.

The only tools available currently are blocking repeat spammers or reporting them :woman_shrugging:t2:.

Not sure creating another room would ensure users stay on topic anyway, except to have a 24 hr moderator. :thinking: But you don’t know until you try I suppose. I added my vote for a titan / mercing room.


If there was a limit on how many different language rooms you can switch within a certain time, it could limit spammers to post same sh** in all channels and all countries.

I feel reporting spammers is not best choice either

I’ve found blocking serial spammers makes having a conversation much easier :wink:.


Yes definitely need a Titan chat room!!!

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A similar idea has been discussed here: Create Separate Chat Room for Mercs [MASTER]

Also, I agree on the need for a new chatroom, dedicated to merc requests. Based on the high frequency of people posting recruitments ads outside Alliance Recruitment, I strongly doubt that people would only post in a Titan help room.


It is also very hard to recruit in the recruitment room. It is full of random spam and you get blocked easily, a related discussion here


Hi rook could you please add me to the merc’s LINE chat room too… LINE ID: intansdj. My game name is Stardiamond from A Pint of Fun alliance…Thanks

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