Create Separate Chat Room for Mercs [MASTER]

Even though sgg don’t like mercs, really I would like this as trying to recuit people can be a pain since pov as some just join an alliance and leave soon as they see the titan half way dead.
They out there no matter what. Nothing can change that.
The whole chat room needs a work over as is just impossible for people to stick to certain rules.
We have rules here why not there??? does anyone care about it?

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Still holding my breath. Merc requests have gotten completely out of hand.


For being anti-merc, SG created a mess with POV. Merc requests have ruined peer support. I’m not sure another room is the answer unless it is moderated. There are too many people that don’t care and would recruit in that room. SG doesn’t stop spamming and they don’t moderate the chats to keep recruiting out of non-recruiting rooms, so a merc room would become another recruiting room.
Until SG can fix recruiting and spamming another room will just give another place to recruit.
However, it would help the peer support room to pressure the merc spammers to go the merc room.


I agree with creating a separate chat room for merc requests! Peer support is overloaded with requests on a regular bases, defeating the purpose of the room. Many no longer spend time in PS because of it. This change has created a domino effect in other rooms, such as Alliance Recruitment. Alliance Recruitment has become a chatroom, rather than a recruitment room because many no longer spend time in PS. Making it difficult for recruiters to be seen, and lurkers to see available alliances and their requirements.

In addition, the message that pops up when you entry PS needs to be altered, thus noting the room is for peer support not posting recruiting adds or merc requests.

It seems this is something that has been asked for for many years now, so why not support your stake holders with simple requests?


If you are allowed to merc. You should be allowed to “spam” for help.

I am banned from chat twice now for my asking for titan help.

Another category should be created solely for titan mercenarys.

No you shouldn’t.

20 proper mercs do alliances a favour

Really? I didn’t know that was a “ban - able” offence.

When the need arose, I’ve always asked for mercs via the AR section of Global chat. :thinking: And got almost immediate responses. Spamming… yeah that wouldn’t go down well with any chat room. :dizzy_face:

OK I don’t ask all the time, but I’ve never been banned for it.

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It was a figurative expression, “spamming.” And yes, as fast as the chat moves, one must ask over and over.

I do some mercing around quite often lately with my alt acc’s… I feel if your banned it’s because you posted in the wrong chat room, nothing more.

General chatroom is the most common place I found merc’s search for titans.

I feel there could be a place for a Merc only chatroom but as that would more than likely turn into a free for all chatroom which you can’t keep up with just like the others it would only create another unessacary headache for SG to monitor.

Why doesn’t someone create a forum thread for Merc requests or start a line or discord room for merc’s.

Just a thought, personally I have no issues

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If you got banned for requesting merc help, you either were not in general chat or you were spamming.

The peer support room is getting more intolerant of merc requests, especially if they are being spammed.

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Forum thread for merc request is an idea. I think that moderators do more than enough here though.

I like your idea of a Line or Discord room for merc requests. Who is willing to start and run it? :face_with_monocle:

Not sure if it has been brought up already. It is not uncommon for some alliances to request mercs every single day in global chat. Some, not all alliances.

Those alliances should learn how to manage their titans, instead of being reliant on mercs.

Even if those alliances actually read this forum, I think those particular type of alliances would choose to remain reliant on mercs. Just my 2c.

Strongly agree with @Psychawk. The English Peer Support room can be so bad, sometimes there is no actual chat, and the room is filled with basically nothing except merc requests.

I’ve been a Peer Support regular longer than I’ve been a member here. It is not easy to offer proper Peer Support with the increased volume of merc requests.

I apologise if I sound like a broken record. :sweat_smile:


I feel those that request for merc’s in Peer Support should be reported and banned for a couple of weeks from using all chat rooms.

As a Merc I don’t beleave a new chatroom will solve the problem of those that break the rules and the general chatroom is good enough for those requests but banning will solve the problem as users will learn VERY QUICKLY not to use the peer support for other than what it’s meant for.

I’d definitely welcome a ban on merc requests in Peer Support!

Merc changes appear to be on the horizon. As part of the beta beat (V33 & V34), players “only can contribute to the alliance score for the alliance that you were / are in at the beginning of the Mythic Titan event.”

If this is released, it is likely to further reduce mercs. It will be interesting to see when Mythic Titans are live.

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There used to be several Line groups for merc requests. They probably still exist.

As for blocking people instead of reporting, the block list currently is maxed out at 200 and it really doesn’t take long to fill it. Then if you block anyone else the oldest person on the list gets pushed off with no warning. The list used to be much longer, we need to go back to that.

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I do find it annoying that people is allowed to spam in the Global chat for Titan help, even in the Danish Global everyone spams for help and it’s not even Danish or a language that we understand… It’s really annoying, and I didn’t think it was allowed to spam like that.

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Ok. Then let us know where to seek help on titans??!
Newbies only know global chat, some even dont know there are various chat rooms, how to recruit them??!
I say global is good how it is now.
But only thing that makes no sense is long recuiting msgs. If people make them short and easy will be helpfull for others.:slightly_smiling_face:.

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True… But why does it need to be in the: Dansk/General… There should be something better to do with it or maybe a max on how many times you send it out, cause we can’t see the stuff ppl write across the Danish alliance.

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While I sympathize with your sincerity, I have always considered “Spam in Global Chat” to be a tautology.

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I really think the Experienced chat room should get changed to at least 40+, preferably 50+…

Unfortunately, I think the easiest course of action is to just spend less time in Peer Support. Way too many merc requests are “destroying” Peer Support. I also love how some players don’t even say thanks for help. :roll_eyes: