Create Separate Chat Room for Mercs [MASTER]

I think a merc begging chatroom is a great idea for alliances that choose to use outside services to do a job they cant.



Could it be possible to create a chat for Mercs only.
When i’m recruiting in the recruiting room, i mostly see mercs who want to help alliances for titans or AW.
Over and over i’m asking to join our alliance and get the answer that they are mercs.
It’s a bit annoying after a while.
I understand that for some alliances, mercs are a gods gift.
But please give them a chat room exclusively for mercs

Kind Regards,
AKA Traggeter

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There’s already an Alliance Recruitment chat… But what about a chat specifically for mercenaries? Some players like hitting titans, but don’t want the headaches of meeting the requirements of an alliance. A chatroom just for requesting temporary help would make life easier for everyone: you’d know exactly where to find hired guns, and us mercs would have a specific place where we won’t be asked “wanna join my alliance?” every 5 seconds…

Hi, there actually are several. Thankfully @Rook is also a moderator on a Merc Line group - I wish I had her energy: so I’ve tagged her.

Edit :@Rook stand down :blush: The idea is to add a merc group to E&P

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Is it actually IN Empire & Puzzles?? Or is it a seperate app, like Line or Discord? Because what I was envisioning was an actual part of E&P: you have General, Peer Support, Alliance Recruitment, Experienced (Level 20+), & Off Topic. I was suggesting adding a “Mercenary Assistance” to the existing list… That way EVERYONE can see it.

OK then… The answer is No.
I retract my previous.
FYI. this thread may be of interest as not everyone is fond of mercs (I still don’t understand why)


My only issue with marcs are when they hop into an established alliance (not a dead one), uninvited. We only had it happen twice. A strong player came in and we were happy to welcome them. They helped us take down a tough titan, went to the top of our leaderboard and left again. Naturally our next titan was too strong for us and we had to let it go.

The second time was the same scenario. After that whenever we got a legitimately strong player join us, I was always suspicious and didn’t get too “attached” to them for a while. It was disruptive for our usually very warm, cheerful and welcoming alliance. Its forced us to change our alliance to 'invite only, which makes it harder (from a communicating and logistical perspective) for a new player to easily join us.

I have absolutely no problem with mercs joining alliances where they are clearly invited.

As we all know, in the real world a “merc” is a hired gun - to arrive uninvited would be called an invader!


Thanks! I’ll definitely check it out.

That’s what a merc does. They have a good place in this game are do actually help alliences out as it gives you an opportunity to obtain, see and collect rewards from a titan strength that you woukd normally kill.

don’t forget that they also take a chance at getting nothing as in most or many cases top hitters don’t get decent or any mats but you can be sure someone in your allience really appreciated that great reward which woukd not have happened if there wasn’t that merc’s help.

I/we actually welcome them with open arms and on rare occasions we might call one in but never push them away and let them know before the titan dies that they that always welcome.

I think a merc based chatroom would be great but tge other disadvantage to that is how many none mercs will chat in there whilst chasing one, the room will become just as cluttered as the others in the end.

As for letting the next one! That isn’t such a bad thing as it gives everyone time to recover. Had you gotten the last titan you more than likely would have had to let it go anyway because you wouldn’t of had the resources to kill it so the result would if had been the same with the difference that you obtained rewards you would not have gotten to start with. Really mercs are a win win all round.


For me, a more honest approach would be if they had popped in, said they were mercing and asked if we’d like the help.

I still consider it an intrusion!

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It’ll just end up being another recruiting room unless the mods in peer support are there but then it’ll just be another peer support… Best advice i can give anyone who wants to improve in game chat: get line and be picky about your company


Please simply add a separate chat room for every language category for alliances/players to post only information about their current titans in and mercenaries about their titan energy level etc.

This would be more productive and would also prevent a lot of angry responses from other players who feel ‘spammed’ in other chat rooms.

I would be pro this. My days of alliancing hard are behind me for the foreseeable future. I would be more open to merc-ing but I don’t want to merc bad enough to sit and watch a crazy chat room forever in hopes of seeing a message.

Doubt it will happen, but there a niche market this would be convenient for. :+1:

@rook can you add me to merc help line dudeious.maximus (jude user name)
As well need a merc or two

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See line. :+1:

Since POV has been added to our game, the number of Merc requests has escalated dramatically. The purpose of Peer Support is lost, as it is over run with these requests. The draw to help others is ever present but it is difficult to see a question or for them to see the answer due to the magnitude of merc requests. Please create a room for merc requests so we can salvage peer support


Even though sgg don’t like mercs, really I would like this as trying to recuit people can be a pain since pov as some just join an alliance and leave soon as they see the titan half way dead.
They out there no matter what. Nothing can change that.
The whole chat room needs a work over as is just impossible for people to stick to certain rules.
We have rules here why not there??? does anyone care about it?

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Still holding my breath. Merc requests have gotten completely out of hand.


For being anti-merc, SG created a mess with POV. Merc requests have ruined peer support. I’m not sure another room is the answer unless it is moderated. There are too many people that don’t care and would recruit in that room. SG doesn’t stop spamming and they don’t moderate the chats to keep recruiting out of non-recruiting rooms, so a merc room would become another recruiting room.
Until SG can fix recruiting and spamming another room will just give another place to recruit.
However, it would help the peer support room to pressure the merc spammers to go the merc room.


I agree with creating a separate chat room for merc requests! Peer support is overloaded with requests on a regular bases, defeating the purpose of the room. Many no longer spend time in PS because of it. This change has created a domino effect in other rooms, such as Alliance Recruitment. Alliance Recruitment has become a chatroom, rather than a recruitment room because many no longer spend time in PS. Making it difficult for recruiters to be seen, and lurkers to see available alliances and their requirements.

In addition, the message that pops up when you entry PS needs to be altered, thus noting the room is for peer support not posting recruiting adds or merc requests.

It seems this is something that has been asked for for many years now, so why not support your stake holders with simple requests?