Create purple potion to dispel enemies like tiger (titan) with iron- Weapon that damages and dispels [Similar idea is currently in Beta testing]


This Item can be easily banned from Events. SG can do this. But we can use it against Titans and upcoming Monsters with Counter Attack in season 2.
who knows, Future will Show.


Calling them Steel arrows would be fine.

And no, i dont think that someone uses super antidotes. The little ones are enough. If SG could exchange the Steel Arrow easily with this super antidotes, that would be awesome. And we would be able to craft our dispell Item:-)

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Good idea. Maybe to dispel for 3 turns per potion. :blush:


Yes Why Not. Even for 2 Turns would be nice. :wink:


doubt it. you can kill event bosses just by using bombs, axes, dragon attacks. wouldnt have an effect on events unless players substituted one of those items. so this would bring more balance to the game as far as events go, wouldnt give competitors anything extra but would help those not strong enough to compete at least complete the tiers. Same with titans, most heavy hitters are using items like time stops, tornados, mana pots, etc. this would make them have to swap one of those out if they wanted to use them.

my only addition is that it’s exact opposite of antidote basically. Since it would be considered an offensive tool, it should damage all enemies(not a huge significant amount unless super version is developed).

-removes buffs from enemies instead of cures ailments from allies

  • costs iron instead of food
    -damages enemies instead of heals allies

last part was a summary more for myself than you guys. definitely an excellent idea. got my vote


This is now more important than ever with the class quests! The only dispeller I had was cage burrito at 3/70 against Elena in the 4k stage. I didn’t use him. I had to rely on other battle items.


Yes please. great idea :+1::+1:


I can see how the quests will make them even more useful


Maybe the upcoming Alchemy Lab will produce such items…


I place my vote as well!


Great idea would help bring somewhat of a balance between f2p and p2w


Needed more than every now! Voted placed.



Is this still useful? Or have the Devs spoken by adding rumored 5* Hunter’s Caltrops to Beta?

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This isn’t quite at the point of calling it implemented, but I think it’s reasonably close enough.

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