Create purple potion to dispel enemies like tiger (titan) with iron- Weapon that damages and dispels [Similar idea is currently in Beta testing]

i am playing since October 2017. All my buildings are level 20. I dont know what to do with my iron, because gold nuggets and dragonbones are rare, so i cant use my iron. What i realized is, that i need dispeller against the titan. Melendor or sabina or sonja are weak against 11* or 12* Tiger. So my wish is let us craft a purple potion, which we can use in events or against red tiger to dispel them.

Green potion do, what rigard and vivica can do. So why not a purple potion for dispells, like melendors or sabinas ability.

I am sorry for my bad english, hope you understand what i mean.

I second that.
(and stop apologizing for your English)

N_I_D_L_S my english is so Bad that i dont understand what you ment, when you said " i Second that". What do that mean, thank you in Advance.



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Not bad idea! I second that too. Lol.

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Good idea. I support that!

Thank you nidls for the post :slight_smile:

This is a great idea. Would have use in story mode too.

Good idea. To keep it in the iron category (potions use food) lets call them Steel Arrows (iron being known for its anti-magic properties). Hardwood lumber, fine steel, leather strips, lots of iron.

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That would be definetely gold, i Am always in that situation where i constantltly need melendor and sonya’s ability. But the question is, how to create it ? The forge is full (Unless you get lvl 21 if you know what i mean) :joy:
I vote that ;).

Does anyone use super antidotes?

Only to burn food.

This item is a good idea, though.

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@Kerridoc , No, not worth it, i only use antidote to cure my heroes. Small ones are sufficient

Only 8 Votes? Come on guys , help to make this idea real

We can only vote for 8 things. I’ve used all mine up :sleepy:

I agree whit you!!!

I agree! Great idea!))

Good idea. I support that!!!:+1::+1::+1:

Definitely need a great idea

Although I see the merit of such a potion, and would want it in my inventory, I wonder how it would affect challenge events (and other events) where a big part of the end fight difficulty is based on the bad ■■■ opposition. Same goes for rare titans. These fights pretty much demand the use of heavy weight items, and I think that’s deliberate.

Being able to just dispel (most of) these enemies could introduce a new level of game balance issues. Of course, I might be wrong. It opens up to some interesting ideas regarding item equivalence of other special skills, either way.

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