Create Official Guide Written by the Game Developers

It would be useful to have a official guide of the game written by the developers, with all the heroes, the rules of war, raids, the calculation of scores, etc.
At the moment there are only players’ guides from other players and it is not always easy to find answers to your doubts.
thank you

Official Guide

Most video game guides are written by third parties ( see notes )


MMOs are constantly changing



@Gryphonknight You could always ask SG to get a knowledge based type 3rd party plugin attached to this forum,

Knowledge Bases have topics, titles and then questions so it would organised.

Then as updates come just change the answer to the question. It’s permanent, stable and doesn’t get moved around or lost.

Then as important common game questions are asked the Moderators just need to add it to the list.
Knowledge Bases are commonly used everywhere for sake of avoid to repeat yourself.

Many free versions out there, they work instantly once installed so it just a matter of finding it, installing it and then allocate it to the Moderators to organise it. Not time on SG’s hands taken or lost.

Just a thought

How is that different from support?

Corrected link
( )


Never been in there, lol.

None at all, so create one for common forum topics, question, issues.


Wrong link


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Lol, i did follow the first link and saw it.



Interesting interview about the guide writing, thanks for sharing it! :slight_smile:

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