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After 800 days in greek legends i decided to make my own alliance, what are the requirements for creating a new alliance?

@Georgesav nothing, you just need 50 gems i believe to create one.
all other settings like name, logo … etc can be changed anytime you like.
good luck in your new alliance


As @Star150m said, you just need 50 gems to create your own alliance. However, I’d suggest you thinking twice before doing that. If you created an alliance just for yourself, you will be able to deal with only 2* titans maximum. It means that your chances of getting unfarmable materials from loot are faint. It is not likely that you can get enough newcomers soon, because there are more alliances out there than active players looking for a new alliance.

I went through it myself. It might be good for a short while to have a rest from too active playing, but in a long term it is boring. It is much better idea to find an alliance that suites your game style and philosophy. Say, if you don’t want to play daily and participate in all Alliance Wars, or you don’t like too coordinated alliance wars, you can easily find a friendly and relaxed enough alliance to play exactly as you want. Just describe your expectations. You’ll get plenty of invitations.


I am not the only one who wants to leave,we are seven maybe eight members.i know it will be difficult until newcomers come but we all need a new start.thanx for the advice and your time,i wish both of you good pulls in the tavern Portal, cheers!

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If there is a small group of you, you could merge with an alliance with the same core values. There are many. Plus side to this are higher titans and more chance of non-farmable AMs.

100% agree!

Wargods of Metal are looking for new active players. we were once full (30/30) and restarted at zero…

just look for the WARGODS OF METAL inGame and send an invitation. you all get a chance and can enter for 1 week or 1 war participation and than we’ll decide.

just attack the Titan 3 times a day and participate in all wars… real life comes first.

WARGODS OF METAL welcome active new members

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