Create my Defense Team (Crazy Big Roster)

Hey All,

I took a break but came back for Clash of Knights and pulled Ludwig/Wolfgang/Esme. I know they may not be meta atm but they are fun :).

With that being said wanted to share my current roster and curious if what raid formation/hero make up would be best for a defense team. Really looking forward to the feedback!!!

Nice roster but wouldn’t know where to start lol.

Awful roster lol - doesn’t look like a long break, I wouldn’t know where to start except perhaps with the Salmon :grinning:

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lol that’s where im at.

I was thinking something like this would be fun/annoying

Standard formation:

Ludwig tank
Soarise Flank
Wolfgang flank
Esme right win
Costume Alby left wing

enough healing/res to give ludig a chance to stay alive and if he does the mana boost and the healing he’ll get will end the game with Soarise/Wolfgang flanks

No hannah lol? She annoying

lol she’s an option, again open to suggestions haha

BAHAHAHAHAH appreciate the extremely helpful advice/insight :wink:

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Lol sorry, no offence intended but I’m sure you’ll be fine :+1:

Best advice? Take another break. There will be other better hero when you come back.

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A break and came back for Knights? I see basically every HOTM (multiple copies) since at least Yang Mai. LOL, a break…yeah. How long was the break? A week?


yeah, I would take a break (from summons) a little longer than 3 days :smiley:
You wont be able to ascend them all in next 10 years and it is frustrating to have a desired hero and not being able to ascend him.

And there are more heroes to come…

The pace set by SG will make your unleveled heroes obsolete even before you touch em.

I know it isn’t the answer what you are looking for but I think it could more helpful.

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