Create my best defense team!

Hey guys!

I’m gonna list my fully levelled heroes and I’ll let you create the best defense teams that you can come up with by choosing from them. So here’s my roster of fully levelled heroes:

Holy: Poseidon, Li Xiu, Wu Kong

Dark: Obakan, Rigard

Nature: Elkanen, Kashhrek, Melendor

Fire: Colen, Boldtusk, Gormek

Ice: Sonya, Kiril

My current defense team is: Sonya Colen Kashhrek Rigard Li Xiu

Thank you guys in advance for your suggestions on how to improve that!

Rigard Elkenan Poseidon Sonya Colen

That covers quite a lot of the special stuff (heal, cleanse, debuff, DOT)

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Durable tank, middle splash damage and snipers on sides (dispel and attack buff from left)


Thanks! How did you create that graphic?

By taking the screenshot of @Razor’s hero utility!

You can find It on

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Awesome =)
Someone should make a card generator too, like this one

Melendor, Boldtusk, Elkanen, Obakan, Poseidon
Heal and Debuff, Atk Bonus, Dmg, Dmg, Dmg

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Guys, how would you build this?

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I would put Poseidon, Caedmon, Sabina, Grimm, and Colen on my defense team.

My current defense team is Wu Kong, Cyphrian, Kelile, Boril, and Jack O’Hare. I have a Melendor that I’ll use on the team when I get him leveled high enough

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