Create free tikets in the game

Will be great if you can create free tikets in the game , because loads of players do not have time to stay 24 hours in the game

Free tickets for what?

Loot tickets let you complete previously finished levels and can be obtained for free from chests.

Are you maybe thinking to be able to make them in the forge?

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Tikets for farming to be free , in forge or a new building , but not with dimonds , do the game to dont be just money

For farming and to have them for free

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Got it. Nice idea :+1:

20 tickets

I like the idea of being able to make loot tix in forges. There’s so many things SG is working on right now though, I don’t think it’s gonna happen anytime soon, unfortunately.

I think having the option to forge them would be good. Getting them as a reward for farming isnt. People who don’t mind spending on WE could rack up A LOT of tickets and keep using them on the S2 hard mode. ‘Good for them!’ you might say, but imo it would increase the gap between F2P and P2P even more.

In the end i just think to lods of players that dont have much time to play the game , i bet that many of them give up because they dont have no more time to play , this thing will keep them to play the game

Farming will take probably 1 minute if you have free tikets , like that lods of players will love to keep play the game , they will can ghrow them herous , troups , level , etc

Lods of players will give up in time because they dont have the time to play the game

Or they will play with no interes

Dude use the edit function to tell the same again again and again