Create Edit Delete

What is this stupid BS that I have to agree to to log into my Game ? Nothing to say what it actually is and I can’t say no . That’s just rubbish !

Delete. Edit. Create.

I don’t understand the issue raised here.


In order to log in to my game I had to agree to some

Message that said you could Create Edit Or Delete my game Data .

Didn’t like the look of that at all so I clicked deny .

But then you can’t get into the game .

So you have to say allow and there’s nothing to tell you what this

Is , how it’s going to affect me if at all .

This is like some Lame ■■■■ that your just trying to slide by .

If I have to say yes in order to keep playing the game then Man Up

And tell me what the hell it is .


I don’t have that. Been playing for more than 3 years already. I am using Android and it is tied to my Google account. Maybe it is about the progress on your game. If you have an account, this could save your game progress and maybe the game is trying to help you save the said progress you have on the game. If you don’t have a game account, the game may require you to have one just for the game server save your most recent progress. The danger without having a game account is that it will not save your progress. Sometimes, you are logged in without using the game account. I dunno though. Maybe if you post screenshots of that happening, I (or other forum users) will be able to understand what is going on.

Good luck.