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Uncontrollable hero is uninteresting to use. Take a look at rumplestiltskin with his random specials.

But if u mean that hero if he cast his special once and get all 10% of buff and debuff like u said above. It will be too over powered

This a concept of a 5* hero
Average mana
Special skill : time spins
for each cast of special skills the caster make left or right spins.

  • if it spins 360 deg to the right, the caster and all allies on the right are cured of status ailment and receive 30% mana Increase for 3turns

  • if it spins 360 degree to the left, the caster and all allies on the left are healed 32% and get +44% defense for 3 turns

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My ideas:

  • Juggernaut:
    ”Spooky Appearance”
    Deals 280% damage to target and nearby enemies.
    Giving the any hero standing on his right side + 80% Attack and -50% Defence for 4 turns.
    Any hero to his left gets +80% Defence and -50% Attack for 4 turns.

  • Cesar
    ”Debt Collector”
    Deals 400% damage to taget and less damage to nearby enemies.
    During 4 turns the targets drains 10% of either their mana, life, attack or defence and gives it to Cesar.

  • The Butcher
    ”Happy butchery”
    Deals 450% damage to single target.
    For 6 turns his normal attack does 100% more damage and have a very small chance of inflict 1000% damage.
    During 6 turns he cannot gain mana.

  • EVIL Knievel
    Recovers 38% to all allies.
    For 5 turns he is now not only (for example) Holy but also the color of the hero to his right.
    He gain +65% Attack and -35% Defence.

So o can just put him on either wings depending if i want to boost my attack or defense :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly! But you get a penalty as well…!

Tell me if this is WAYYY too OP or not but I’ve been thinking of ways on how Margaret could be fixed in order to keep up with other hotms:

Very Fast:

  • All allies have a 30% to 50% chance to dodge special attacks. The higher the attack, the higher the chance to dodge it.
  • Successful dodges completely fill the heroes mana
  • Element link: same as is

I think this would be a fun, new ability that no other hero has yet and would actually make Margaret worthwhile and dignified of saying they are a hotm (which usually has a little better and unique abilities than most heroes). I personally don’t think it’s too OP, but it could definitely change up the meta game in a good way. It would allow people to strategically use slower heroes that have been getting pushed away since this meta has heavily shifted to fast heroes

  • thief - robs an adversary character of special skill. for 4-5 rounds it becomes its mirror image. it would be a powerful card.

slow mana, no injuries. He can “disappear into the crowd”. The skill I would call: stealing souls.

Here’s a thought for a new hero, a couple actually.

Not sure on names or type of characters which will best suit this suggestion but here goes nothing.

Get 2 heroes that are stronger when used together that would normally work as a team like Hansel & Gretal type of thing.

So both as individuals would be something like
slow mana
1299 health
And have decent but weaker special skills including some that could only be used when they are paired.

But when paired in a team they would both increase in health to something like

Fast mana
And special skills would double and activate the paired only skills.

To make it more interesting they could both be of different elements but same class.

Just a suggestion

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Once Expose.

After firing one has 2 turns.

She just needs a simple buff. If she could make her neighbours’ buffs undispellable with her skill it will make her a lot more usable. By safeguarding neighbors’ buffs, this Margaret hard counters kageburado and prevents fast dispellers like zeline from wrecking your team

Hi :slight_smile:
I had some idea for new heroes… maybe they’re just “meh” but I’d like to share them with all community, maybe developer could find something usfeul…


Holy 5*
Special: Wrath of the king
Speed: Slow

  • He has 50% of chance to hit furiously the enemy (and 50% to hit for any nearby enemy): the damage is outstanding, deleting 90% of target’s health while nearby enemies, if hit, loose 50% of their health.
  • If hit, enemy and nearby loose 50% of mana.
  • In any case, even if don’t hit, enemy and nearby cannot use specials for 3 turns. This effect cannot be dispelled.


Nature 5*
Special: Wall of thorns
Speed: Medium

  • Hero and nearby allies has Attack -30% (because of the thorns) and Defence +45% for 4 turns. This effect cannot be dispelled.
  • Hero and nearby allies counterattack with +125% damage.
  • Hero and nearby allies heal 672 HP over 4 turns.

BERSEKER SHAMAN (or an other name you like)

Fire 5*
Special: Berseker delirium
Speed: Slow

All allies get in “Berseker delirium” for 4 turns and this state cannot be dispelled:

  • Attack +100% (+4% every time they’re hit)
  • Defence -20%
  • Heal 100% of dealt damage (normal or special)
  • Malus -100% at any other form of healing
  • Defence +60% against special attacks but even allies’ specials has 60% chance to fail.


Nature 5*
Special: Rock punch
Speed: Medium

  • Deals 100% damage to random target for 6 turns. This effect cannot be dispelled.
  • During this time (6 turns) Giant’s mana has -64% malus. This effect cannot be dispelled.
  • Target get -34% Defence and further -4% decrease every time it’s hit for 6 turns.
  • All allies of same element recover 4% health for 6 turns. This effect cannot be dispelled.

Some of those sound pretty Cool.

I’d like the beserker shamen in my deck, he’d be a bit of fun

I like this idea and I’d use it to give some little boost linkedbto their special abilities even for traditional heroes like

  • Kadilen & Elkanen
  • Sabina & Cyprian
  • Kiril & Boril

But even Anzogh & Grazul for example…

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4* Holy (Sorcerer)
Name: General Tso
Special: Chicken Attack

Summons a replicator chicken minion :chicken: that appears and dances in front of all enemies with 13% HP inherited from the strongest remaining enemy hero (including troop bonuses). The minions generate clones of themselves every 4 turns and counterattack with 100% of the damage received until dead.

All allies get +10% increase for any healing received for 4 turns. This effect cannot be dispelled.

Minions yodel to annoy the player.

Fast (Resist Direct Mana Reduction)

Att: 675
Def: 620
HP: 1075

Element link gives all holy allies a 1% chance to be resurrected as a chicken minion and a further 1% every time they are hit for 4 turns.

Resurrected Minion (Leftovers)

13% Health
Increased Attack
Decreased Defense
Special Skill: Salmonella. The target receives 150 poison damage over 2 turns. Nearby enemies receive 100 poison damage over 2 turns.

I know. I know. OP.

To me, this just makes sense, and I think it (or something like it) would help the Wonderland family:

The Dormouse
Mana: Average
Class: Rogue
Family: Wonderland

Stats: 550 Attack
700 Defense
1300 HP

Special: Time for Tea

  • All allies heal for 35% of their health
  • All allies are cleansed of all debuffs
  • All enemies are healed for 1% of their health
  • All enemies lose 100 points of health over 4 turns.

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