Create/Design Your Own Hero – Player Hero Ideas

Bar Room Brawler
Fast Mana Cast
“Drunken Strikes”
Deals 175% damage to random enemy each round for 5 rounds
Cannot be dispelled.
Cannot be killed while “Drunken Strikes” is active

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Sir Pot’a’lot

  • blinds himself for 6 turns
  • 4 turns tile attack buff 162%
  • 3 turns double mana receive

Some kind of 5* Wu.

The Protector
Color: Green
Mana: Slow
Atk 715
Def 720
HP 1345

Special: Galvanizing Mist

  • All allies get +30% defense for 5 turns.
  • The caster and nearby allies regenerate 504 HP over 4 turns.
  • All buffs currently held by all allies cannot be dispelled for up to 3 turns. Buffs ending before 3 turns won’t be extended.

Color: Fire
Mana: average
Special name: hacker of time


  • all allies buffs and get extended by 3 turns
  • all ennemies debuffs get extended by 2 turns
  • all allies get +15% special damage for 3 turns
  • all allies gain glitched minions with 15% health of caster
    Minions protect allies from dispell and debuffs

I would create Superman that is built like the Hulk with long hair like rambo wearing the terminators sunnies and a cape with the country flag of your choice, using Conan’s sword in one hand and wonder women’s lasso on the other and to the the opponent down for 3 turn with hp trickling down that rope of truth during thise 3 turns.

And to not spoil the fact they never die and always find ways to come back to life.

Have it so when killed he returns to life when the next hero in his team dies.

What a hero that would make, lol

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Allan Quartermain (Green) - Slow Mana Cast
Special Skill: Uncover Artifact - If round is completed, +10% chance to receive an Ascension Item / cast (max 50%). +1% chance / cast for a 4* item per(max 5%). 2% / cast for a 3*(max 10%), +5% / cast for 2*(max 25%). Stage and level requirements must be met for higher end ascension items.

Passive Skill: Allan Quartermain does not gain mana from items. If Allan Quartermain dies during combat, Uncover Artifact is nullified

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@Kerridoc Please get Allan Quartermain above into circulation… lmao. This would be the most sought after hero ever. Indianna Jones would work just as well… I’m pretty sure this HoTM would end up financially supporting Small Giant Games for a few months lol.

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I’m just a player! I’ve got no say in design decisions; I merely try to keep some order in these unruly, fun forums.

How about creating a hero named Reaper that doubles all damage done on that turn. That’s a 5* hom I’d like to see.
Feel free to send me one for a beta test. Probably a purple hero. :wink:

I’d like to see an occasional titan with no time limit… or a hero that extends the Titan time limit by 30s to 1 minute…

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My new hero ideas:

  1. Sariel
    Appearance: She is hooded crossbowman.
    Element: Nature
    Level: 4*
    Mana speed: Average
    Special skill: Accurate shot - attacks with 370% damage and decreases enemy attack per 26%.

  2. Mhalugeen
    Appearance: Mhalugeen is a big salamander with fishnet and grapnel
    Element: Fire
    Level: 4*
    Mana speed: Fast
    Special skill: Toxic venom - aim is stumped for 4 turns (can’t regenerate mana and can’t use speciall skill). All enemies receives 80 damege per turn for 4 turns.

  3. Thelotis
    Appearance: Thelotis is an underwater monster covered with coral and crabbs.
    Element: Ice (Atlantis Hero)
    Level: 5*
    Mana speed: Average
    Special skill: Underwater World - all team heroes returns 60% damage. Hero receives +38% to attack.

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I didn’t know where else to put this thought:

I noticed we have Athena, Celestial of Ice, Zeline, Celestial of Nature, and Hel, Celestial of Darkness. I demand our Celestial of Fire and Holy/Light.

Here are my proposals:
Gabriel- Celestial of Light
Special- Holy Shout
Effect- Does 440% damage to target. All Dark enemies and allies receive an extra 200 damage. All Dark enemies and allies get 50% chance to miss for 4 turns. All allies receive 20% mana increase.

Beezul- Celestial of Fire
Special- Torturous Flame
Effect- Target and nearby enemies receive 110 damage increasing over 5 turns for a maximum of 680 damage. Effect cannot be dispelled. Deals extra damage against Nature heores.


Wow, just this afternoon I was talking in alliance chat about the missing celestials of light and fire. Strange that we were on the same wavelength!

For Gabriel, I’d add a “cleanse all allies, except Dark”. Also, probably tone down the effect on allied Dark heroes.

For Beezul, these drawn-out, increasing damage effects haven’t fared well. Lady Locke had hers shortened from six rounds to four; I’d suggest the same here.

Rather than making it undispellable, here’s a wacky idea: have Beezul add not only the DoT but also an ailment that prevents other ailments from being dispelled. That “ailment lock” can itself be dispelled, so two cleanses can clear the DoT. The “ailment lock” would also protect other ailments you are able to lay down, e.g. -mana, -attack, -defense, blind, etc.


Not trying to introduce religion and hoping this wouldn’t b too that way but Gabriel was “Horn of God” so a cool special could b “The Golden Trumpet or Horn.” It could blast away the other teams ability to gain mana for turns or do spread damage like Justice does. Just a thought.

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I’ve been thinking about this since Atlantis and I learned Hel was Celestial of Darkness. Maybe my culminated frustration built up enough to write this post, and you caught on lol

I went with something I was familiar with in Beezul, but I like your idea much better!

I think Gabe would have to be tweaked a lot to figure out how to make him work best. I liked him for titans, too though.

Edit: and I didnt mention art, but obviously, Gabriel would be quite angelic, and I’m thinking Beezul could introduce another androgynous character. Some fire demon with no obvious gender and tattered black wings.3

With Gabriel u could even take a cue from the The Sandman Graohic Novels by DC/Veryigo and then The Lucifer Morningstar Novels by the same publisher. This is how they portrayed Lucifer. Kinda cool I think.

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Also great idea if I didn’t say that before on both names and noticing the missing celestial characters

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Color: fire

Will to live (average mana)


  • All allies get +45% dmg for 3 turns

  • All allies can no longer die for 3 turns (allies minimum hp is now 1) can not be dissipated

  • Element link, All fire heroes are immune to defense debuffs for 6 turns, can not be dissipated.

Color: purple

Drop of lethargy (fast mana)


  • Withdraw the target from the battle for 3 turn.
    . The target can no longer be attacked by direct damage, fire and poison still works
    . Target can no longer attack or use specials (same for troop)

  • target get 342 dmg on 3 turns

  • all of theses effect can not be dissipated

  • you can do ghostiles on withdrawed ennemies

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