Create/Design Your Own Hero – Player Hero Ideas [MASTER]

And then Oscar can be a counter to her with his turn skip. I will have to shift his turn skip to the first skill

Forget to answer this. The double tile/ battle animation speed is good top player. I think she will be used in any titan attack team. Double animation speed mean double damage. She has even more effect than Franz and Hammertusk.

But for me as F2P, it isn’t the first priority. I prefer support hero and hero that help me in styx tower. That is why I choose Princess Ozma and Oscar.

I though you mean that Lord Loki and Kalo can copy the skill and only that part can’t be copied. Since if the whole skill can’t be copied, the statement should be “This skill can’t be copied.” like Kalo. I didn’t realize this because I think you mean that they can copy the skill and only that part can’t be copied.

Yes, but Oscar can reduce only 3 turns. Still have 2 turns left. It also should be cleansed as well. However, many old cleanser can’t cleanse it since the cleanse effect will be removed.

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What I’d like to have invented is a good epic yellow Atlantis healer. Currently, there are no good yellow healers that I know of except Vivica…w/ or w/o costume.