Create/Design Your Own Hero – Player Hero Ideas [MASTER]

And then Oscar can be a counter to her with his turn skip. I will have to shift his turn skip to the first skill

Forget to answer this. The double tile/ battle animation speed is good top player. I think she will be used in any titan attack team. Double animation speed mean double damage. She has even more effect than Franz and Hammertusk.

But for me as F2P, it isn’t the first priority. I prefer support hero and hero that help me in styx tower. That is why I choose Princess Ozma and Oscar.

I though you mean that Lord Loki and Kalo can copy the skill and only that part can’t be copied. Since if the whole skill can’t be copied, the statement should be “This skill can’t be copied.” like Kalo. I didn’t realize this because I think you mean that they can copy the skill and only that part can’t be copied.

Yes, but Oscar can reduce only 3 turns. Still have 2 turns left. It also should be cleansed as well. However, many old cleanser can’t cleanse it since the cleanse effect will be removed.

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What I’d like to have invented is a good epic yellow Atlantis healer. Currently, there are no good yellow healers that I know of except Vivica…w/ or w/o costume.

@u2371 I made a couple of hotm heroes with quite unique skills. What are you opinions on these? The passive are a lot more OP than the usual passives

Element: fire
Attack: 759
Defence: 774
Health: 1517
Class: barbarian
Title: Voice of the masses

Passive: furious mob- all allies’ skills with angry, anger, mad, wrath, fury, furious, warcry, rage in it’s name removes the latest buff from all enemies upon skill cast. Removes even buffs that are othewise undispellable. This effect is applied after the special skill cast

Instigating the mob: mana speed fast

  • deals 180% damage to all enemies
  • casts non damaging effects of all allies’ skills with angry, anger, mad, wrath, fury, furious, warcry, rage in it’s name, up to 3 additional skills. This effect can’t be copied
  • elemental link gives all fire allies +10% damage reduction for 3 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled

Element: fire
Attack: 738
Defence: 791
Health: 1592
Class: monk
Title: Questionable chef of the north

Passive: bypass resistances- the ailments casted by this hero cannot be resisted by talent abilities

Malicious soup: mana speed fast

  • all damage all enemies receive is increased by +25% for 3 turns
  • all enemies’ skills with bark, howl, growl, roar, warcry, shriek in it’s name are silenced for 5 turns.
  • Elemental link gives all fire enemies -10% attack for 4 turns. This effect can’t be cleansed

Element: holy
Attack: 742
Defence: 784
Health: 1568
Class: paladin
Title: master weapons crafter

Passive: Armory- all allies’ skill with sword, lance, spear, flail, sickle, bow, hammer, axe, dagger, shield, blade, katana, Excalibur in it’s name get +50% attack for 4 turns upon their skill cast

Equipment Enhancement- mana speed average

  • the duration of all buffs is reset for all allies’
  • all allies are immune to buff dispels for 4 turns
  • elemental link gives all holy allies +10% damage reduction for 3 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled
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@Tidyup I think have to think about many heroes skill name :smile:. However, I am not familiar heroes skill name much.

I don’t check all heroes with those word in their skill. There are too many heroes for now :sweat_smile:.

I think his passive is overpower since he make those skill always removes a latest buff from each enemy even those buff are undispellable. This effect also bypass taunt.

His skill is also overpower. Even he can’t copy damaging effects, he still can copy other buff or ailment effect. For example, he can copy all Horghall second costume’s ailment at fast speed. I don’t check all heroes with those word in their skill but I think this effect of Harken is too overpower for fast speed.

Very useful hero and stronger than most HotM. The +25% damage increase at fast speed is useful in many situation.

His silence is situational. There are few heroes with word in their skill.

What about Kingston’s Stiletto ? :rofl:


Overall, Damascus is good HotM. His skill is very powerful when combo with strong buffer.

His passive is average. Useful to flip attack down.

Some heroes that benefits from this…
Noor- sparrow fury
Drake Fong- flails of fury
The hatter- mad as a hatter
Gullinbursti- angry boar

Will change his skill to one random ally with those anger and anger synonym skill names. Don’t like to lower skill speed

Her silence while situational, is quite useful in shutting down top overused heroes in today’s meta.

C G panther- roar of the panther
Furdinand- bark of protection
Hachiko- strike of a thousand howls
Quenell- howling sword

She is also fire so that she gets some utility against dragon rooster (shattering shriek)

Basically any weapon will be included, I just forgot to add that in. Stiletto as well, nemo’s cutlass is also included. ‘Staff’ and ‘arrow’ as well for more inclusivity. Damascus is also my favourite one.

Imo, this should be the standard set for HOTMs. Situational but having a unique enough skill for them

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… and years later, they released Kalo… you should ask for copyright

I like this idea. But instead of having the mime hero copy the enemy heroes, which we already have Lord Loki, I think the mime hero just copy the last special skill that one of the allies fired last. This game currently has many op heroes that people put duplicates or triplicates on their defense team (C. Guardian Panther being a prime example), so they should put a penalty on all heroes in a team with duplicate, triplicate, etc… heroes. Then this mime hero can easily fill in for the duplicate without incurring the penalty.
The penalty should be -30% to all heroes’ attacks, defense, mana regen for 2 same heroes and scale it accordingly: -50% for 3 same heroes, -70% for 4 same heroes, -90% for 5 same heroes.

or make them the color they are weak against?

A hero that turns minions into fiends and fiends into minions. the attack/defense would also flip. if the minion gained mana it would then be a fiend that saps it etc.


Attack: 766
Defense: 803
Health: 1512

Element: Dark
Rarity: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

Class: Rogue

Mana Speed: Fast
Special Skill: Cursed Stone Skull

  • The caster shifts into Cursed Skull form for 4 turns. This effect in uncleansable.
  • While in Cursed Skull form, caster gets +40% defense, and all received special skills will have a reduction on that special skill stats:
    ** Based in attack percentage: reduction of 20% (max 100% reduction)
    ** Based in turns: reduction of 1 turn (max 1 turn duration)
  • After 4 turns, summons a Cursed Fiend for the caster. The Fiend damages the caster with 30% attack every turn.

Example: Joon normally deals 468% attack damage. If it hits Xanahuatl once, then Joon’s SS will deal 448% attack damage the next time he uses it.
Also with Joon, target gets -40% accuracy for 6 turns. If it hits Xanahuatl once, then Joon’s SS will give the target -40% accuracy for 5 turns the next time he uses it.

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I want to add some idea or rule… in some colour we have no the buffer who gives the power lets show you …

GREEN: Hemdal, Tarlak, сhamelеon
RED: Boldtusk,
DARK: Rigard,
HOLLY: holly (not standart), wu kong… but
ICE: Kiril.
It would be nice to make new heroes with fast mana and buff attack

So er are due for a new green and yellow 5 star. Some ideas i thought would be cool and different:

Yellow: average mana speed. Create stone minion for all. Each minion has 5 hp. However the minions reduce damage to 1 (tiles/supers/ailments). 600 health over 4 turns.

With all the minion removers and also using minions to counter this, its not game breaking.

Also nice to have a different color gargoyle healer.

Green: fast mans speed. 200% damage to target and nearby. Gives target and near by a gargoyle snake fiend ( snake themed gargoyle). Fiend negates 25% healing. Fiend absorbs 30% of targets health. 10% attack until it is removed or disappears. If fiend isn’t removed in 3 turns it disappears but casts silence on targets for 2 turns.

Isn’t crazy damage but at fast speed it can be problematic. Fiend should last longer due to healing ailment. Silence 3 people for 2 turns can be nasty, but its cleansable.


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HOTM idea:

Name: (no idea, it’s not important anyway)

Attack: 752
Defence: 777
Health: 1400

(idk, stats can be changed)

Family: HOTM 20XX Family

Element: Holy (or other, but I think Holy would work the best with class)
Rarity: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

Class: Wizard

Ability: Mana on Taunt
Each time an enemy receives a Taunt status effect this character’s mana is increased by 15%.

Resist: Resist Mindless Attack
Ths character has innate resistance against Mindless Attack.

Mana Speed: Slow

Special Skill: Mental Toughness

  • Deals 255% damage to all enemies. The attack bypasses taunts.
  • The caster gains +100% normal attack for 3 turns if any taunts were bypassed. This effect cannot be dispelled.
  • (Elemental link)
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The bypass taunt statement needs to be first

Griffith (holy)
Attack: 793
Defence: 815
Health: 1624
Class: paladin
Family- super elemental
Terraform- mana speed average

  • this attack ignores the effects of taunt
  • against dark characters, remove all buffs on them
  • deals 350% damage to all enemies
  • rearranges enemies positions and team formations randomly

Sameda (dark)
Attack: 763
Defence: 761
Health: 1692
Class: cleric
Family- super elemental
Tempting scents- mana speed fast

  • the target and nearby enemies boosts 120 hp over 2 turns. Boosted health can exceed max hp. This effect can’t be dispelled
  • all enemies get -34% mana generation for 3 turns. The effect duration resets if the target is healed. Against holy characters, they get -44% mana generation and it lasts for 2 more turns

Itu-makai (nature)
Attack: 772
Defence: 831
Health: 1496
Class: fighter
Family: super elemental
Grand ward- mana speed average

  • Recovers 52% hp for all allies
  • Recovers 65% hp for all nature allies
  • the caster issues an official decree authorized by itu-makai. All enemies can only use 1 skill for the next 4 turns. If this effect is dispelled by a special skill, reduce all enemies’ mana by 25%. Against ice characters, reduce mana by 50%.
  • If an owner of this buff is not the character itu-makai, the buff is removed and deal 450 damage to all its allies

Gerrin (ice)
Attack: 823
Defence: 796
Health: 1410
Class: ranger
Family: super elemental
Constellation crush- mana speed very fast

  • destroys all minions on the target.
  • deals 300% damage to the target
  • if the attack misses or is dodged, targets another enemy until it hits an enemy. Damage is increased by 140% per miss or dodge, up to 720% damage.
  • if the attack has targeted fire characters, they can’t receive minions for 4 turns regardless if the attack has missed or is dodged

Regalia (fire)
Attack: 852
Defence: 749
Health: 1446
Class: rogue
Family: super elemental
Flames of a Phantom- mana speed average

  • the caster shifts into cursed ghost form for 4 turns
  • while in cursed ghost form, the target can’t gain mana and can’t be healed. But it is immune to normal attacks, special skill attacks, status effects and stacks
  • while in cursed ghost form the target receives 184 damage each turn. Deals extra damage to nature. All fire characters regenerates 184 hp instead.
  • once an enemy’s special skill hits a target with cursed ghost form, it is passed to that enemy. The effect duration resets if it is passed to a nature character
  • once cursed ghost form is passed to a different target, gain 50% mana
  • last enemy left on the battle can’t be shifted to cursed ghost form

fixed, ty!


Hello all. Im in the game from 3 months and I like all Gargoyles family, sadly @PlayForFun didnt gave any new informations about Sanctuary in april 2023 :c But i understand theres a lot of work there. I just want put my first post here with new gargoyle idea - Basili ( or Bazyli, Basilisk ). Im bad in doing art but theres a lot of Basilisk art on internet. For me its interesting monster with great legendary story ( he change into stone everybody who looks in his eyes ). I didnt thought about skills but maybe he can silence because of his look? Theres lot of 5* gargoyles but not much 3* and 4* so i dont expect he can be another 5*. Hope you like my idea and we can get aby news about Sanctuary of Gargoyles soon :slight_smile:

What would happen if an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? This paradox is precisely how I feel about new costumes.

While the majority of forum users have already voiced their opinion on this, I’m starting this thread because I had one slick idea and thought maybe others have had some too and I’d love to hear about them. Also, because I’ve accepted my place in this game - I have too much fun with what I’ve got to worry about someone else’s toys - and I’m not going anywhere.

Red Hood costume
Assassin of Grimforest
Dress her in all black instead, keep her holding a pole with a more ruthless blade on the end.
Deals 200% damage to all enemies.
Summons a fox minion with 7% health and 45% attack for all allies.

The idea of her foxes no longer being protectors but having a vicious bite creates a beautiful dichotomy between the original in my mind.


Natalya costume
Dark Magic Artistry
Dress her black with golden accessories

Burning Seal
Casts following ailments to 3 random enemies:

  • The target receives 352 Burn damage over 3 turns. This effect can not be cleansed
  • The target gets -18% mana generation for 3 turns. This effect can not be cleansed.
  • Deals extra damage against nature