Create/Design Your Own Hero – Player Hero Ideas [MASTER]

Unfortunately I think it’s lower than A-, B tier probably. I understand what this hero does, once the ghosted hero gets out of ghost form, he would fully healed and be ready to fire. But it’s too unreliable. You will want to safeguard your game changing heroes like a rezzer, but many factors may stop this from happening

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Yeah, I know she is designed to be A- grade as there are so many new overpower roll out :sweat_smile:.

In fact, you can use her to charge your slow or very slow hero as well. You can also use her out side the rush attack along with other slow or very slow hero like Khufu and Alfrike.

Yeah, you have to bring multiple game-changer heroes along with her. But yeah, she is still pretty unreliable :sweat_smile:.

How do you think about her compare to normal Lepiota on offense ? Do you think who is better by overall ?

The regular one is better and has a better form of utility

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I’d love if 2nd Costume Melendor was something like this:

Memory of the fallen
Fog of dispelling

• Boosts all allies health by 350 – 500.
• Dispell buffs from all enemies.
• All enemies get -54% defense against Nature for 3 turns.
• All enemies get -34% defense against special skills for 3 turns.
• All allies get +64% defense against special skills for 3 turns.

Class: Monk

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Memory of the fallen sounds like a Kalo skill. Imagine with C Mel, dispel first then unleash the ka-pocalypse

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OH lord, thats true. I forgot about how Kaløs special skill is named like that.

Maybe “Fog of dispelling” would fit Melendor more accordingly? :laughing:

Almighty Eradication -

  • Dispels all buffs from the target. This cannot miss.
  • Does 350% to all enemies.
  • 50% to cause 45% blind to all enemy for 3 turns
  • 30% to deal 750 sun damage over 3 turns.
  • 10% to OHKO each enemy. (?) The calculation is made separately for every individual enemy

Passive Skills: This hero resists all status effects. This hero has a 20% to boost health by 1000 hp when hit.

Slow Speed.

An Anti-Khufu idea.

Blue/Ice :ice_cube:

Atk 721
Def 859
HP 1621

Passive: This hero has taunt status as long as this hero is still alive. This effect cannot be dispelled or removed. Deal 150% damage to all enemies and all enemies receive 215 frost damage for 2 turns for each dispelled or removed attempt.

Special Skill: Blizzard Shield Ultimatum
Speed: Very Slow

  • Cleanses status ailments from all allies
  • All allies get the Blizzard Shield buff:
    = All allies get +63% defense for 5 turns
    = All allies get +94% defense against Ice for 5 turns
    = All Fire enemies get -74% attack for 5 turns
  • Deals 620% damage to all fire enemies for each special skill fired during the duration of the Blizzard Shield buff
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2nd costume Kashhrek could be a cheap Khufu counter too:

Anti-fire skin

• Boosts all allies health by 350.
• All allies get +94% defense against Fire for 3 turns.

Class: Paladin

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It would be great if the second costume for Kashhrek actually did that.

The lizard would do fine as a counter for Khufu.


IMO, the first costume could be buffed to heal and buff all allies without turning it OP.

His second costume could (and should) be different from other versions. I’d suggest reflect fire damage back (Like Mitsuko does with ice).

I totally agree. Then again we have seen time and again what happens.

Extend Kashhrek’s special to include all allies, as a buff to the first costume, and rework the second as you said, i.e. reflect back to the attacker.

Toto changing his name to max makes me think wizard of Oz heroes are likely in development. I have originally designed Oz family some time ago, but I didn’t put it up. But now I have updated some of them to fit into the current meta, with a new battle mechanic

Oz family

Bonus for 2 heroes

+1 increased main skill cap for teacher buff. 5% chance for an ally without teacher to acquire teacher every turn

Bonus for 3 heroes

+2 increased main skill cap for teacher buff. 12% chance for an ally without teacher to acquire teacher every turn

  • if the caster dies within the next 3 turns. All allies with 2 or lesser main skills inherits one of this hero’s non damaging skills randomly, excluding this effect. This effect can’t be copied

Oz heroes

Element and rarity: fire legendary
Attack: 814
Defence: 762
Health: 1347
Class: barbarian
Title: Valiant protector of Oz

Summon tornadoes: mana speed average

  • Increase the mana of all allies by 15%

  • Reshuffles the board

  • Alters the speed of shields and battle animations for 4 turns. When an attacking hero uses this special, the speed of attacking shields and battle animations accelerates. When a defending hero uses this special, the speed of attacking shield and battle animations slows down

Element and rarity: holy legendary
Attack: 835
Defence: 759
Health: 1446
Class: ranger
Title: Clumsy sniper of Oz

Scattering sixshot: mana speed fast

  • This special skill ignores the effects of taunt

  • Deals 190% damage to a random target. The more status effects on the caster, the more times the caster attacks. Up to 6 times

  • Remove all status effects from the caster

  • all hit targets can’t gain mana for 3 turns

Tin man
Element and rarity: ice legendary
Attack: 773
Defence: 841
Health: 1574
Class: monk
Title: Steadfast Commander of Oz

Commander’s guidance: mana speed average

  • deals 340% damage to the target and nearby enemies

  • reduce mana of the target and nearby enemies by 25%. Even if the target has lesser than 25% mana, it is reduced according as deficit mana. Down to -30% deficit mana

  • if the caster dies within the next 4 turns. All allies with 2 or lesser main skills inherits one of this hero’s non damaging skills randomly, excluding this effect. This effect can’t be copied

Cowardly lion
Element and rarity: dark legendary
Attack: 728
Defence: 762
Health: 1655
Class: rogue
Title: Cunning agent of Oz

Sideslip: mana speed fast

  • deals 470% damage to the target

  • if the target has a passive skill, the caster swaps passives with it. This effect fails if the target has no passives

Passive: weakened stats- this hero gets -34% attack, -24% defence and -24% mana generation

(Note: this is the only Oz hero with a passive)

Element and rarity: nature legendary
Attack: 918
Defence: 935
Health: 1064
Class: wizard
Title: Wizard of Oz

Emerald chaos: mana speed average

  • all allies regenerate 717 Hp over 3 turns

  • all enemies receive 564 sand damage over 3 turns

  • 3 turns have passed

Princess Ozma
Element and rarity: holy legendary
Attack: 765
Defence: 813
Health: 1574
Class: cleric
Title: Ruler of Oz

Royal uprising: mana speed slow

  • Removes the last main skill on all enemies. Enemies with no more main skills due to this effect attacks a random target with 100% damage when their mana is full

  • Deals 850% damage to all enemies. The damage is lowered by 200% with each main skill on the target. Down to 250%

Element and rarity: holy epic
Attack: 682
Defence: 734
Health: 1220
Class: fighter
Title: Good witch of the east

Inspiring glimmer: mana speed fast

  • all allies regenerate 564 boosted health over 3 turns. Boosted health can exceed max HP

  • if the caster dies within the next 3 turns, all allies with 2 or lesser main skills inherits one of this hero’s non damaging skills randomly, excluding this effect. This effect can’t be copied

Wicked witch
Element and rarity: dark epic
Attack: 746
Defence: 662
Health: 1281
Class: sorcerer
Title: Wicked witch of the west

Malicious west winds: mana speed slow

  • deals 260% damage to all enemies

  • summons a winged monkey minion with 18% Hp and 18% attack inherited from the caster to all allies. Minions cannot be summoned to ice allies

  • the winged monkey minion removes all status effects on the target

Element and rarity: nature epic
Attack: 712
Defence: 685
Health: 1263
Class: paladin
Title: Dorothy’s pet dog

Bite of restrain: mana speed fast

  • deals 365% damage to the target

  • removes the last main skill from the target. Heroes with no more main skills due to this effect attacks a random target with 100% damage when their mana is full

Element and rarity: fire rare
Attack: 448
Defence: 503
Health: 984
Class: druid
Class: Joyful chieftain of Oz

Village of munchkins: mana speed fast

  • summons a munchkin minion for each ally with 15% Hp and 13% attack inherited from the caster

  • each hit from the munchkin minion heals 100% hp of the damage dealt to it’s owner

  • if the caster dies within the next 3 turns, all allies with 2 or lesser main skills inherits one of this hero’s non damaging skills randomly, excluding this effect

Element and rarity: ice rare
Attack: 531
Defence: 484
Health: 889
Class: Wizard
Title: Talented baker of Oz

Magic cookies: mana speed average

  • deals 210% damage to the target and nearby enemies

  • removes the last main skill from the target. Heroes with no more main skills due to this effect attacks a random target with 100% damage when their mana is full

New mechanics: teacher, amnesiac.

teacher, amnesiac, main skills and family bonus

What are main skills and what is considered as a main skill

Main skills are the statements descriptions of the card. With lianna, she has 1 main skill

Amnesiac suppresses the target’s skill effects by removing them permanently in battle. Their effect is similar to dispel and bypass, it is not an ailment or stack. It doesn’t have priority over element shields, so it will be reflected back to the caster

Teacher is used to introduce skills for certain heroes, it is the opposite of amnesiac. It’s a type of trap utility buff that synergizes well with S1 heroes whom a majority of them has 2 skills

Let’s say if glinda dies when the teacher buff is in effect, regular rigard will inherit her overheal as he only has 2 skills. So he will get health recovery, cleanse and overheal

With summoners and minions. Minion and fiend effects are called ‘sub skills’ instead of main skills. So this means that for zhuge Liang, he may seem to have 4 skills, but he only has 2 main skills. To summon minions and fiends

Sub skills are skills that fall under that specific main skill. If that main skill is removed, all the sub skills will be removed simultaneously

Elemental links are also considered a type of sub skills and not a main skill. So for the case of noor, she also has 2 main skills despite having 4 statments. She’s eligible to inherit skills from the teacher buff. If amnesiac has been applied, the elemental link will not be removed as it is not a main skill

What about guardian gazelle? She seems to have 8 skills, with no minion, fiend and elemental links. Well, not exactly as the last 5 statements are under the effect of ‘dance of spirits’. So those last 5 skills are considered sub skills, which means G gazelle only has 3 main skills

When it comes to charge skills, it is a little bit different. It removes the last main skill of each charge. Amnesiac punishes charge heroes badly. But it can also be an advantage as all charges inherits the non damaging skill

Like a reverse mindless attack, the hero with no skills will attack the enemy randomly. Although you can still hold the skill.

The teacher buff can’t be copied with lord loki or kalo as well. This is quite a complex skill, I imagine it to be a programming nightmare

If a similar type of skill is inherited, the inherited skill replaces the original skill and will not be stacked. Let’s say a summoner like director zuri is taught to summon munchkins from Boq, she will summon munchkins instead of clowns for the rest of the match. Deficit mana cut from tin man will always replace mana cut as it is the superior type of mana cut. But it will be terrible if heroes like ruby learned it and her 100% mana cut is replaced

I may have overkilled it with the family bonus, but since SG is in it’s destructive mode of making OP heroes, I thought I would have some my way. +2 main skill cap is useless and it’s only really for scarecrow who is the only Oz hero with 4 skills. 3 heroes is meant for the other allied heroes who might turn into teachers. Quite an OP family, but to be fair there are no passives for this family other than cowardly lion

Strictly one random inherited skill even though all Oz teachers know one skill. It’s in a niche case when a non Oz hero acquires teacher, a hero like by-ulf who literally has 7 main skills. It’s just ridiculous for a hero to learn 7 additional skills from Ulf.

Who would you chase?

  • Dorothy
  • Scarecrow
  • Tin man
  • Cowardly lion
  • Oscar
  • Princess Ozma

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  • Glinda
  • Wicked witch
  • Toto

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  • Boq
  • Cayke

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The family bonus is interesting. It will be a nightmare for a programming for sure especially the animation :smile:. I mean they have to inherits animation too :rofl:. But it still have problem some problem.

I don’t understand why Elemental links are considered as sub skills. I think it is a main skill. It just like another buff in special skill. But ok, I will try to consider it as sub skill. I think it will not have much much different.

Overall, some skill is hard to tell if it is “main skill” or “sub skill”. For example, Freya


The “Raven Minion gives +120% attack to all its owner’s other Minions.” is actually main skill. In fact, this effect is actually like Frosth’s boost minion. Even the target can’t gain minion, other target’s minion still gain attack. For example, Freya has 766 atk. Raven minion will has 153 atk. That mean other target’s minion will gain 275 attack every times Freya fire even that target can’t gain minion.

There is tested by some Beta tester that I can’t remember his name. In fact, Freya can pump Seshat attack without limit but it is too hard to do since she doesn’t boost minion hp.

In fact, that minion effect is actually another buff. The buff also work with same type of minion too.

For example, Jing summon minion. The equalizer war effect active. The counterattack is remove. Then Jing get enemy Bera’s ailment, so he can’t get minion. Then Zhuge Liang fire. Jing will not get Zhuge Liang’s minion but Jing still get the counterattack buff.

The minion doesn’t actually give a buff. It is a undispellable buff that will disappear when minion die.

I personally think it should be another main skill. But ok, I will try to consider it as sub skill. I think it will not have much different.



Is “This Special Skill never misses its targets.” main skill or sub skill ?

And Ursena


Are “Deals 260% damage if the target has more than 50% health remaining.” and “Deals extra damage against Holy.” main skill or sub skill ?


How many main skill Emilio has ?


How many main skill Nyx has ?


Does Jequn has 6 main skill ?

I think By-Ulf has 4 main skill. All other negative effect are linked to one ailment call “boast”.

Another problem is what will happen if target has mindness attack ailment since the mindness attack replace the whole skill during the ailment duration. How does the teacher and amnesiac work in that case ?

And could you explain more how the “acquire teacher” work ?

Is “acquire teacher” buff ? Can the equalizer war remove it ? Does it get removed when the target die ? Since the ally with teacher can’t “acquire teacher” that mean “acquire teacher” has a duration.

For example, Rigard get


  • Dorothy - Great to pair with other slow fire like Khufu. And very useful against titan and challenge event.

  • Scarecrow - Pretty powerful against heavy ailment team.

  • Tin Man - Ok hit-3 hero. But I personally like heavier direct damage than manacut.

There is a problem for Tin Man’s manacut. What will happen is Rokkamush get Tin Man’s manacut skill ? Tin Man’s manacut doesn’t work if Tin Man miss. So, Tin Man’s manacut on Rokkamush shouldn’t work if Rokkamush miss. But the description will be different.

  • Cowardly Lion - Useful against powerful passive heroes like S5, Slayer, Magic Styx, etc. but I think he is too weak. His direct damage is too low for modern fast 5* sniper. With initial negative pasive, I think he should be very fast.

  • Oscar - I like this hero. The “3 turns have passed” is very interesting. It can be use in many ways. I like this hero.

  • Princess Ozma - I think the maximum damage is too high. The remove last main skill effect is pretty too overpower against Styx tower but that is situational. I like this hero.

  • Glinda - Fast 4* overheal like upgrade version of Lady Woolerton.

  • Wicked Witch - Pretty ok 4*. I assume that winged monkey minion removes all status effects at the end of each turn, both bull and ailment. Does winged monkey minion removes work with undispellable effect ?

  • Toto - Good 4* sniper. I like the “remove last main skill effect”. I like this hero.

Also Toto need new name. It is already used here.

  • Boq - Good 3* minion summoner. He will be very useful when Kvasir isn’t allowed.

  • Cayke - I like the “remove last main skill effect”. So, I like this hero.

Overall, I will chase Oscar, Princess Ozma, Toto and Cayke.

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reply to you

The reason is inclusivity for HOTMs to inherit skills from teacher. Without e-link, HOTMs like Gregorion will have 2 main skills instead of 3. But I also factored in if amnesiac would remove the e link or not, yeah as I said, it’s a nightmare to program

The reason why minion’s and fiend’s additional effects are considered subskills is because of fiends actually. The second statement for fiends only states that it will be removed by healing. If amnesiac removes only that statement, it means fiends cannot be removed by healing anymore. It will break the game which is why fiends and their effects are bundled together. And since fiends and Minions are the same category, I feel it safer to lump them together

That’s sadly a main skill. So it’s a dead skill of that’s the only statement on Russel

That’s an individual main skill. So if Ozma hits her 1st time, it removes her extra damage to holy, second time would be her holy reflect, Third is her addition hit to enemies more than half health, then last is her 130% damage
But it’s difficult to strip ursena’s skills. She can reflect amnesiac back to ozma

I forgot to include Emilio, the same as charge. Each charge is a different skill with their own main skills. So amnesiac will remove the last main skill of each charge

Yes jequn has 6 main skills

Oh yeah, you’re right. I think that is bundled as a buff. Okay so 4 buffs

The same thing applies as usual. it is the same category as dispel and bypass. It is not an ailment or stack, which means amnesiac is permanent until the end of the match

5%/12% chance to add that teacher statement into their skills every turn

So if rigard gets blessed with teacher, he will have that teacher effect as his third skill. If he activates teacher and then dies later, he gets to pass either his heal or cleanse to all allies with 2 or lesser main skills.
For example if boldtusk inherits rigard’s heal. Boldtusk will replace his 27% heal to 44% and it will be shifted to the second skill, does not stack.
If he inherits cleanse, boldtusk will get 27% heal, attack up and cleanse

Speed of attacking tiles is also something special for this hero, imagine your tile speed right now, but doubled. The slowest animation you have and doubled in speed as well

Yeah, if it misses then the whole skill is missed. But you can also say that snipers can now splash mana cut.

His initial passive is meant to balance him and cripple the target with passive as these will stack with regular ailments. I made him to be a fun hero to use. Imagine him swapping noor’s passive and he gets to summon a sparrow himself
This hero also has a unique use for mythic titans, being able to swap his passive so that it gets permanent lowered stats. And you can even stack regular DD for that MT. Although he can only fire once so that he doesn’t swap passives back and forth

Yeah, I’m glad you caught on to this, because 3 turns have passed is a very strong utility effect. It stalls out status effects, allows DOT, HOT to deal their full damage and healing. It hastens tiebreakers, increasing 30% damage. The only weakness is that if you have DOT, he’s going to deal the full damage to your team. Oscar is also one of my favourites. Originally I wanted him to only have that ‘3 turns have passed’ effect, he didn’t have HOT and DOT to begin with.

Enemies will need 3 main skills to minimise damage to 250%. Against heroes with many skills like jepun, she can only deal the minimum of 250% damage
It’s to play on the amnesiac effect, even if the high base damage doesn’t work, the amnesiac effect will cripple the enemies. The longer she stays on battle the more powerful she asserts dominance, so she must be eliminated ASAP. I will nerf her slightly and shift her amnesiac skill down, so that she can keep her base damage and it isn’t too OP. And changing her to very slow doesn’t matter in rush

Yeah, it’s remove status effect, so it’s like g cham but in minion form. the winged monkey minion used to steal buffs, but that belongs to diaochan’s minions now. I designed this skill to counter the new dangerous Queen Anne. But WW has her ice limitation due to the lore where she hates water

Amnesiac may be a little too OP lol :sweat_smile: I’m actually opposite for your choices if I am to chase. My personal favourites are Scarecrow, Oscar, WW and Boq

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Thank you for the explanation. I understand most of them now. Yeah, it is a nightmare for a programming for sure. Honestly, I don’t think SG will do something like this. It is too complicate and take too long time for SG’s devs :smile:.

Anyway, I still like the idea but I also think adding or removing a part of skill is too strong, especially the removing.

I know but also make him he weak as well. In fact, I think he is still too even he is very fast.

The -34% attack and -24% mana generation passive make him do only about 310% direct damage and he is slower than average in the first time if his base mana speed is fast. His base attack is low at only 728 and his skill isn’t the big game changer at all. It is hard to use him effectively in raid or war.

Yes. In fact, at first, I think about using him to steal/remove the tower boss’ Unnerving Resilience. But sadly Unnerving Resilience is past of the Deadly Chamber Effect which is “level property” not “passive”. So, he can’t steal/remove that.

Steal Noor’s passive is fun but It is very unlikely for defense to have Noor and another minion summoner. I don’t think that will have much effect on that attack at all.

I didn’t thought about this but I don’t think that will make him better that other titan specialist heroes or even any def down heroes :smile:.

This “3 turns have passed” effect can be use in so many ways. It also can be use to reset the “Absolute Resolve” in the tower event but I am not sure if that will also effect the score or not :sweat_smile:.

In fact, I am thinking about using Oscar with double Ludwig. I think they can make me able to loop skill forever like Xnolphod in old tower :rofl:.

He is also a hero that I like most in that family as well.

I know but I think most heroes will have 2-4 main skill unlike Jepun. For 2-3 main skills heroes, it is hard to come back after Princess Ozma fire. She will of 450% against 3 main skills heroes and 650% against 2 main skills heroes and also remove one of their main skills. And the damage will go much higher for the second time. She will limit many heroes to use. That is why I think she is too strong. I think she should do “Deals 600% damage to all enemies. The damage is lowered by 100% with each main skill on the target. Down to 300%” instead.

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I have decided to have her amnesiac skill be changed to the second statement instead, so the initial hit against a 3 main skill enemy will only deal 250% first. She’s supposed to be insanely OP for what she does.
Ozma is to be A+ tier with Oscar. Scarecrow and Dorothy are A tier while tin man and cowardly lion are A-

And that’s why teacher is also important to counteract the effects of amnesiac, though at the cost of killing off 1 ally. Amnesiac is too OP. In a better strategy game, these two mechanics will interact better with each other

I couldn’t remember what absolute resolve does but yes, the turn skip skill that can also affect stage effects

What do you think of Dorothy and her double tile/ battle animation speed?

Also I don’t know if you realise this as well. But with the teacher, it effectively counters lord loki and screws kalo. Because of how the mechanics of this game works, if one skill is resisted, all of them are resisted regardless. And since the teacher statement can’t be copied, the entire skill can’t be copied by LoLo

Yeah, but if enemy have no teacher, the amnesiac is pretty overpower.

Since the teacher buff, it can be dispelled and blocked. While the amnesiac can’t be blocked by only elemental reflect, dodge and taunt. I still think the teacher is easier to deal with than the amnesiac.

As I am F2P, I don’t focus on 5* world of war and raid but focus on event and 3* and 4* raid tournament. The amnesiac is very powerful against styx tower boss. That is why I want them.

Absolute Resolve is 1 of 4 of the Unnerving Resilience of Deadly Chamber Effect that


What about Lord Loki ? How many main skill he has :smile: ?

And how much damage Princess Ozma do to the Charon, 250%, 450% or 650% or depend on Charon mana ?


For the multi charge hero like Charon, if Charon has less than 200% mana, Lord Loki will copy the first charge. If Charon has less than 300% mana, Lord Loki will copy the second charge. Lord Loki can copy third in the only situation that Charon has 300% mana and ready to fire in the next turn.

Amnesiac is still subjected to reflect, dodge and taunt, doesn’t have priority over them. Only in rush will she be a threat. Even in a normal raid she could only fire at most once before she dies. And by then maybe it’s time for the player to adapt to their skills being removed

What if the lost skill is reinstated after 5 turns?

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I know she is slow but when she fire, it is hard to recover. I know teacher can counter the amnesiac. But I feel like both effect is too strong if they are permanent. I think they will “suppress” many other old effect and reduce the variety in game.

I think it should be like that. Like Hohenwerf that the effect should be gone after some turns. Permanent amnesiac is too strong.