Create/Design Your Own Hero – Player Hero Ideas [MASTER]

Giovanni / 5* / Blue


Att 850
Def 745
HP 1299

Mana: Very Fast

Special skill: Compact Dimension

  • Deals 80% damage to all enemies
  • Deal 160% damage to all nature enemies
  • All damages from allies’ normal attack and special skills are increased over 4 turns starting low and increasing every turn until on the last turn all damages from allies’ normal attack and special skills are double. Deals 200 damage to all enemies if this effect is dispelled before the fourth turn.


5* Blue
Class: Sorcerer
Mana: Slow
Atk: 678
Def: 834
HP: 1409

Special Skill: reflective remedy

•All allies recover 40% HP
•All allies with a negative status effect, including undispellable, has those effects reversed for 4 turns. If this effect is dispelled, all negative dispellable effects are removed from the target.
• If an ally dies while this buff is active, all enemies take 50 damage. Each enemy takes an additional 10 damage, up to 250 for each ice tile on the board.
•The caster receives -20% mana for 2 turns.

I had this idea a while ago

Hero name: Patrick
Element: Nature
Appearance: Irish Gnome
Class: Rogue
Speed: I think Average will be the best here
Resists: Mana Generation
Ability: All hero’s buffs are increased by 1 turn
Elemental link: All nature heroes have 30% chance to dodge special attacks for 4 turns

Special attack:
Effect 1: All allies gets +20% mana generation for 4 turns
Effect 2: All allies get “4-leaf clover” buff for 4 turns
Under 4-leaf clover: all heroes under its effect have 100% chance to activate their class ability.
(So Rogues always dodge, Warriors always ressurect, Wizards always deals extra damage… no matter if hero have talents or not)
Effect 3: Hero summon a Thorn Minion for himself. Minion will self-destroy after 4-leaf clover buff ends.

Some inspiration from a game I enjoy a lot. Bonus nerd points for anyone who figures out which one (names out of my bum, original names wouldn’t fit well). Also took into account that we’re going to get new mechanics in Magic Tower heroes.


Title: Guardian of the Tower
Element: Blue/Ice
Class: Paladin
Speed: Very Fast

Special: Defender Stance / Whirlwind
First cast:

  • Boost caster’s health by 200 each turn for 3 turns
  • Caster counterattacks for 125% of received damage for 3 turns

Second cast:

  • Cleanse all status ailments from the caster
  • Deal 100% damage to all enemies 4 times

Title: Champion of the Tower
Element: Red/Fire
Class: Fighter
Speed: Charge (up to 2x)

Special: Protect / Execute
1x charge:

  • Caster and nearby allies gain +64% defense for 3 turns. Effect cannot be dispelled.
  • Stack: Caster and nearby allies regenerate 50 health per turn (up to 5 stacks)

2x charge:

  • Deal 280% damage to target enemy hero 2 times
  • Caster and nearby allies gain +50% attack for 4 turns

Title: Dark Secret of the Tower
Element: Purple/Dark
Class: Sorcerer
Speed: Average

Passive: Stack: Caster gains +10% attack for each Special cast by enemy heroes (up to 10 stacks)

Special: Dark Echoes

  • Deal 210% damage to all enemy heroes
  • For the next 3 turns, if the caster dies, cleanse all debuffs and resurrect them with 50% health. If this occurs, disable passive ability, but caster keeps all stacks.

These are just some rough draft ideas I have been thinking on. Stats and Stars aside (not my specialty anyway) and there is seven to be exact.

  1. I love Ludenbruch, but instead of Heal extensions, why not a hero that converts DoT into HoT and debuffs into buffs.

So, Morel/Isarnia would cause defense up instead of down and Grave’s fire becomes healing.

Probably ideal to add more onto it, perhaps a mana booster or damage dealer of sorts to make it more appealing if it was used as a 5* hero.


  1. Damage Blockers. Idk how exactly this would turn out in practice but two ideas on it:

A. A shield (of sorts) that prevents any damage for one or two turns.

B. A shield that prevents death for a few turns.

Another aspect would be a Tyr type that puts a revive on death on another hero.


  1. The Ultimate Tank. You have your Shared Damage, Reflect, and Counter but no hero that straight absorbs damage intended for another hero. Similar to taunt, in some ways, but tiles and specials would go at this target instead of who was actually hit/targeted.

A. Either a percentage goes to both maybe with an add on reflect.

B. Boosts own defense some odd % to lessen the blow on self.


  1. The Undying Sniper. Probably a hotm idea since it would be best as a passive (innate skill) but whenever the enemy heals, this hero heals a % of the total amount healed or something along the lines thereof.


  1. Provoke and Counter. Also similar to taunt, but the hero not only puts a counter on self but also makes a target(s) next turn with their special target this hero. Similar also to Mindless Attack, but the player cannot control the effected hero. They will attack the hero who taunted/provoked them to which they will be countered.

Might be cool idea to boost this version of the counter by adding a % of damage received into the counter attack.


  1. The Nado. This concept would be predominantly offense, rather useless/counter productive on defense, but might be able to be tinkered with to be both.

A hero that special acts like the Tornado Item. Rotates the board. I know it needs more, not sure how to fully incorporate the idea. Perhaps a tile booster or a minion maker.


  1. The Puppetmaster. For x amount of turns, this hero can mind control an enemy hero. So they could manipulate say Kunchen and heal his allies, or manipulate Alfrike and nail her teammates. Rough idea I’m not entirely certain would fly, but thought it sounded cool.

Great ideas and concepts Azazel. A hero that steals minions/fiends would also be cool too lol

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HP 1334
Att 725
Def 801

Mana speed: Very fast

Special skill: Paradigm Shift

  • All enemies and all allies’ mana speed will be changed in 3 turns according to following rules:
  1. All very fast heroes now charge with very slow mana speed
  2. All fast heroes now charge with slow mana speed
  3. All normal heroes stay the same
  4. All slow heroes now charge with fast mana speed
  5. All very slow heroes now charge with very fast mana speed
  • All enemies receive -24% mana generation for 2 turns. The more mana an enemy currently has, the more their mana generation will be reduced, up to -54%.
  • All allies receive +24% mana generation for 2 turns. The more mana an ally currently has, the more their mana generation will be increased, up to +54%.

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