Create/Design Your Own Hero – Player Hero Ideas [MASTER]

Ughh i would LOVE if in 2021 every hotm was a zodiac! That would be so cool!!! (Honestly SG could make bank off that too as everyone would want the hotm of their zodiac)

As for my hero, i love survivor heroes who don’t have much synergy with teammates but focus on themselves like Baldur, Morgan Le Fey, and Tyr, so I am going to create a costume for Leonidas!

Costume Leonidas:

Speeds: Average

  • Deals 390% damage to the target
  • Reduces the mana of the target by 10%
  • Heals 75% of damage dealt. If the heal exceeds maximum HP, it is added as temporary HP
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Another version of LotL I could think of:

Paladin - Blue/Water
Atk 760, Def 745, Health 1343

Daphnia’s Rallies

• Deals 195% damage to all enemies
• Summons a Daphnia Minion for the caster and nearby allies with 12% HP and 18% attack inherited from the caster
• The Minion delays 1 turn from the target when it hits them. The maximum number of delay turns is 4.
• Element link gives all ice allies 25% chance to delay 1 turn of any enemies after receiving any damage. This effect can’t be dispelled.

Since christmas is around the corner and new christmas heroes (or new year if you dont celebrate christmas), I designed one, which purpose is to celebrate and share happines amongs everybody and of all races (thinking of elements) :slight_smile:

Since most of people enjoy santa, she makes the stage for him, so he really delivers :slight_smile:

Stats of Alice
Talent : Sorcerer
Fast :
Special skill - Warm welcome : Deals 130% dmg to all enemies. Reduces elemental defense for all elements by 28% for 3 rounds.
All christmas heroes gets 12% mana (inlcuding her).

Idea of her is, she goes down the chimney first (since she is small) and checks surrondings if everyone is asleep. Then comes the Santa and delivers the gifts to everyone with a BANG :slight_smile:

From collectors perspective, she would be especially valuable to those who go rainbow on offensive raids. They could go for a team : Fairy, Norns, Chameleon,… heroes who play around elements :slight_smile:


Aw, so sweet! :slight_smile: :cloud_with_snow: :blue_heart:

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Glad you like it :slight_smile:

Maybe they can make it, that everyone gets one as a gift for christmas.
She is underpowered, it would promote rainbow raids (more approaches) and would be a nice gift from SG.

A small token for big millions we give :stuck_out_tongue:

// they would still earn from her, since players would be more inclined to collect other christmas heroes with her bonus :slight_smile:

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I like that idea so much. Make her a 3*star even. A nice token from Christmas 2020! :christmas_tree:

Yellow four star from Christmas event. Gingerbread Man. Same special as Buddy, but as a giant cookie lower defense and health. But as giant cookie that can run, run, as fast as you can make its speed fast or very fast.

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Another fairy with more of a rainbow boost - the dark side of element link

Claudia - Yellow 4* Fast

Special attack- Fairy Lights

Deals 250% damage to target enemy
Damage increased by 25% for each element on the caster’s team
Target enemy is blinded (-40% accuracy) for 5 turns
Deals minor damage and 1 turn of blindness to all enemies with the same element as the target

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