Create/Design Your Own Hero – Player Hero Ideas [MASTER]

I like the concept of Demeter’s special, debuff and after that a serious buff. I like those specials which are not simple like Lianna’s. And if the special can have some negative effect on the caster’s team it causes the players to think before they cast a special and not just spam them. I think we have enough spammable dmg machines already (yes, thinking about you Lianna, Joon, Sartana and your little friends).
What about a special called Efficient Planning, which would last for 5 turns. During these turns each casted special would have a chance that they don’t deplete the mana of the caster completely, instead only 50%. The chances would depend on the number of casted specials during this period. 1st special could have 75%, 2nd 60%, 3rd 45%, 4th and more 20%. The hero bearing this power could be Archimedes as holy, if we already speek of the greek.

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As all of your ideas… I like it!! You are right, the Joons, Sartanas and Liannas of this world require little to no strategic skills. Just simple one hit +++ damage and that’s it. With raids I love to think, ponder my next move. At least with Wu there is a little more planning involved. Because of his randomness you really have to think… I’m I gonna take a chance and hit Sonya now with Wu’s special on, or wait, and go for a certain hit… but she might die in the meantime. I think some more random heroes, or more variety in their special attack might be a really nice addition to what I think is an already pretty cool and balanced game :slight_smile:.

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Thats why i love Wu. Before i had him, i read a lot of bad things about him, but i got him in my first ever holy elemental pull (it was 2 weeks ago or so) and i love him. I find him fitting with the only 5* I have, Quintus. If its possible I use Quintus’s special with Wu’s buff and see what happens. Some times I hit every enemy with 600 dmg and cripple it with one attack only, some times it misses a lot, but i never had a round when Quinus failed to hit anybody with the buffed Thunder Ultimatum. Thinking back, I have pretty decent luck as a new player. From elemental pulls i got only 4s, from 5 epic hero tokens I got an 5 a 4* in the color i needed and the rest is 3*, but one of them is Balthazar so I’m happy. Ihad pretty decent luck with TC13 also, got Li Xiu on my 3rd ever pull. Am I ridiculously lucky or is it usual? (Sorry for being offtopic)

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You sound very lucky! Although I don’t know how long you have been playing? I’m playing for almost 3 months, and have 1 5* and still no red 4* :smiley: . And I’ve done my share of elemental pulls.

More OT: yes that’s why Wu is my favourite. He is my first and only yellow 4* and I use him on every team. He brings some creativity to my team for sure! And I also read about all the ‘bad’ stories. But I decided just to try him out and see what happens. Once I did the math, and so what he did to my titan scores, I fell in love with him :smile:. Also I love the fact he reminds me of Hanuman <3

I’m playing since January or early February. Funny, that you are saying you dont have a red 4*, i just pulled one yesterday with an epic token from a regular monster chest. I hope that my luck doesn’t run out and I’m able to get some good green hero, thats the only color I don’t have minimum 4* in.

If you like this idea, you’ll love the April HotM, Aeron. That’s similar to one of his tricks. Aeron prevents new status ailments from attaching to self and nearby; as I understood the proposed hero, the status ailment would be suspended for a time. Which is also a very neat idea.


Ah that sounds perfect! Aeron <3, I like him already. Is there any more knows about the April HotM?

I don’t see how thats funny :cry:

I didn’t want to mock you. Just weird that you say that you desperately need a 4* red and I’m the one who pulls it on first try (btw it was Kelile, i don’t know if she worth leveling, but definitely better than my Hawkmoon).

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@GoVegan, I think a better choice/meaning of word @Mr.Sabaton was hoping to use was probably “strange” or "weird.

I’ve been playing for about 3 months myself, and still missing 4* Blue/Purple, let alone sniffing a 5*. So it sounds like you are all more “lucky” than I am. The only ones I have been pulling from my Training Camp (currently TC15) are 3* and repeated 3* that I already have. I’ve only just recently got my first 3* Blue Troop, which has been eluding me for a long time as well.

@Mr.Sabaton - I got Kelile in a Epic Hero Coin pull as well. Except I am usually not as lucky in finding anything other than Daily Summon Tokens in regular monster chests. Kelile is still my only Red 4*. She’s probably one of my heaviest hitters (her special does pretty good damage). Her Defense/Offense are above average for a 4 star, the only short coming is her lower Max HP. I personally would level up to the fullest of any hero I intend to hold onto, it may take a while, but I am in no big hurry.

@Mr.Sabaton Ok ^.^. Wel indeed it’s a coincidence!

@Shohoku79 Hmmm… and here I thought I was unlucky…! Sometimes its a bit demotivating, but I just try to focus on levelling what I do have. I wish you good luck! Maybe one day you will pull a HotM of your own creation ;), Who knows!


Yup, the string of common-place occurrence continues… Today’s knock on my TC15 was Tyrum, who has visited 2 other times before, but I’ll hang on to him this time around. The search continues…

Better yet, they should just give my account some HoTM if they end up using any of my creations. That won’t happen

You do know that you cannot get 4* heroes from TC15? You need to use TC13 or TC20 if you’re looking for 4*.

@Kerridoc - Perhaps I am a little off on the terminology used here in the forum, but I meant my Training Camp structure is currently at Level 15 (still trying to work on getting to level 20) but I have already got the training item “Elite” that would get Rare with a chance for Epic researched and have been using that option ($265k Food, 70 Recruits - 2 Days time). No, I did not research the one that came with leveling up to TC15 (I think that was the Advanced Ice?)

Wouldn’t make much sense if I need to keep my TC down at level 13 in order for this to work, now would it?

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Sorry, most of us use the term “TC n” to refer to the level of the training you’re using, not the level of the building.

I’d urge you to leave your camps at 13 only 7ntil you complete SH20. You get a fourth camp then, which you can then just drive up to 20 without interrupting your other training.


Good suggestion, I suppose I should get my other 2 TC to 13 first before doing anything else.

At least I can still train during the building upgrades.

I am playing F2P, so no real $ are spent on gems or VIP pass for 2nd builder. I save my gems for summons, and never used to speed up construction/training. Want to see where F2P will take me.

So when the Stronghold is upgrading, I am kind of stuck doing not much of everything else while the iron mines, watchtower produces, and daily monster hunts, Titan kills. So most of the time I would be close to my current storage limits with no where else to spend the extra earned iron that might go to waste (if they are collected at anywhere else other than my base).

I am also running out of things to craft at the Forge because that is the only other building that would cost Iron to build something while not interrupting building progress.

I suppose that’s what you have to go through for not paying to speed up. Good test of patience though.

Any way, apologies to @GoVegan. I think I’ve hijacked this thread by being off tangent long enough. Time to get back to brainstorming.

Zeus (Yellow) - Extreme Thunderbolt - 250% damage and causes paralysis to all targets. All enemies’ attack/defense attributes are halved for 6 Rounds and special abilities (buff/debuff) effectiveness are decreased by 80% of original effectiveness when cast Example - If a heal spell is supposed to heal targets by 50%, that spell would only heal for 10%. If a damage debuff is cast to decrease attack by 30% against Zeus’s allies, only 6% damage debuff will land All allies receive a +30% defense boost against Dark / Ice enemies. Can’t be dispelled.

While not fraternizing with mortal women, nymphs, other goddesses, and trying to hide all this from his wife Hera, the leader of Mt. Olympus is not above smiting down his foes with extreme prejudice using the thunderbolts his son Hephaestus have crafted him. The bolts were his greatest weapons during his war against his father Kronos and the Titans and they aim to kill and severely injure those that might survive the initial blast.

Despite being all powerful in all his glory, Zeus’s have developed an extreme paranoia that someone will one day plot against him, if not his own children, then his brothers Poseidon or Hades and their minions. Hence, the thunderbolts also grant Zeus’s allies extra protection from the forces of the sea or darkness.

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Sandman: Holy
Puts dark target to sleep for 4 turns. Target receives attacks the same as if they were awake, but they are unresponsive because they are asleep. No damage done, just puts the target asleep.

Or, Sandman could be elemental neutral, and can effect any target that’s chosen.

And the sleep cannot be dispelled.

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I hope you don’t find this question foolish but, what are these TC15, TC20, etc?

Here’s a thought. I was inspired by your title “The Copycat” but of course it would have to be name something cooler than that, like maybe “Syndrome”…What IF: We had a hero whose special was to execute the special of the targeted hero back into that hero ! Unless its not an attack special, then say it would heal its own team, etc…
Whaaaaaaa? Does that make sense…?

This new hero wouldn’t have a very definitive form, more like a silver surfer type of shape, or a ghost or maybe even translucent…Anyway, that might be a game changer.


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