Create/Design Your Own Hero – Player Hero Ideas [MASTER]

Not creating a new hero but adding to Thorne to give him a new buff that would actually make him viable. Since he has a super badass ice sword, what if his new ability was:

  • 480% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies
  • Target and nearby enemies get frozen for one turn

(Being frozen doesn’t cut mana or anything, it just delays their action for one turn. So if the enemy fills their mana and you freeze them, they will have to wait one turn to then use it. I feel like it would be useful in situations like when li xu or Guin comes in handy just barely reducing their mana so they can’t hit that turn)

So we just got Seshat, can we get a Heshat or a Meshat? Best of all would be a Bullshat! His special would be to make it appear all heros are defeated only to revive them all at 50% health. Then the one facing him could say “that’s Bullshat!”

Onatel is blind. Vision impairment is technically a disability

Atomos is seriously disabled IMO

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I had an idea to improve Cheshire (maybe. some people probably wouldn’t like it). Since he shuffles enemy positions, but the Titan is too big to actually move around the screen, what if he just moved the weak point?

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Napoleon: When complex activates Hero becomes any random MAX 5* in game but with health and defense reduced 30%.

Time Cop: Go Back 2 turns. #JCVD

Drunken Monkey: 400% Attack to a random enemy, 10% chance you hit random ally though.

Moranis: Honey I shrunk the heroes! Target and nearby go down a level in their color group for 2 turns. Vivs become Wu Kongs, Sonya’s become greymanes, Muggys become… useless

I would like to see a healer that applies a HoT, and a undispellable buff that increases their teams maximum health for several turns.

Note that buff does not add to CURRENT health, so the heros would need to either wait out the HoT, or get other healing, in order to truly benefit.

Haven’t read the whole thread so sorry if this is a duplicate but I would be interested in a special skill along the lines of (adjusted to be in line with other special skills power obviously) unblockable unadjusted (can’t be reflected or countered and is pure damage not changed by defensive values) X damage divided by each enemy. So for example if its 1500 dmg average speed if there are 5 enemies left they all get 300 dmg no questions asked. If their was only 2 enemies left they get 750.

id like something like mumra from thundercats, old decreptive bag of bones then once mana is full goes into mumra n goes nuts!
Is there anyone like that already?
Still kinda new to this, so if someone would like to stats on the starting hero than after once special is hit the stats for that! It’s fun yeah!

I’d love to see a 5* very fast hero whose special randomly charges one teammates special to full. Basically an accelerator for a random teammate. This could potentially power a slow hero at a very fast rate allowing you to take a very early commanding lead on the board, but could also end up charging a nearly fully charged hero just a tiny bit and be an actual loss of tempo. You’d also be giving up a lot of utility for this potential tempo gain as you’d effectively be bringing one hero with no ability in order to potentially speed up the other teammates, which would also help balance the huge potential upside.


SG, seeing as Marjana is the only red sniper, can we get another fast red sniper with stats similar to Alasie or Misandra?

He should hit for 430 to 475% damage and have a secondary effect that isn’t burn damage.

Mana speed set to fast.

I would like to have:

Charmelina - A green hero and in addition also another color which is decided by the most other heroes of same color in your team.
She is a 5* and enhancing her colors with +48% Att & +48% Def.
All other colors gets -48% Att & -48% Def for 4 turns. She heals her own colors with 12% HP every time she gets hit.

Not a bad idea and yes I thought of it too. I have seen this dark hero cause drake to be confused that he turn his special on sonja. So sure the developer should ask for ideas maybe as a contest and see whose idea/s make the grade.

How about what me an my colleagues get from TC20… Jack Squat… barbarian
Off: 850
HP:1250 (didn’t do the math)
Special: Massive squat
Does 295% dmg to all enemies except fire
Additional special to fire: “Odious Burn”
Fire enemies recieve additional 480 dmg over 3 turns, cannot be dispelled except by ice.
Nature heroes on both teams recieve additional 300 fertilizer hp over two turns. This cannot be dispelled.

Cool idea of special:

Gate to oblivion.
Fast mana

  • for 3 turns, target and caster get the void effect. This also cancel when caster or target die.
  • the caster get + 120% attack buff in the void.
  • both caster and target can only attack each others. They cannot deal damage or apply effect to other opponents. And they can’t receive damage, negative effect, buffs and be healed from other heroes aswell
  • this cannot be dispelled

I’m not sure how this void effect would work with E&P’s game mechanics. On offense, the caster’s has two ways of damaging another hero: with tile damage, but that’s hard to make one-on-one, or with special damage, but the caster just fired and so has no mana.

It’s just like Ranvir. It check the hp of hero and target when attacking.
It’s not that hard to code, it’s all about conditions

I have an idea for a HOTM
Have a hero that that has a dual special with option.

  1. Have said hero give option to hit all enemies with 100-150% or one enemy with 250-300% and a boost for chance of critical.
    2)Hero also heals either all allies 20-30% or self and 2 other allies(make this a choice who to heal) 30-40%
    Element and type of hero is up to SG.
    Definitely a 5*.
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Sweet Baby Danzaburro I seriously just came here to type up that exact same hero.

Here were my thoughts LOL

FAST mana.
Option A) Direct damage single target enemy (double click on enemy to fire) - 400%

Option B) direct damage to entire enemy team (~110%?) (click on two different enemies to fire.)

Option C) heal a single friendly hero (other than yourself) 33% (double click on friendly hero)

Option D) heal entire team 17% (click on two different friendly heroes)

(Click on your hero again to reset and start over, in case you click somewhere by mistake)

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