Create/Design Your Own Hero – Player Hero Ideas [MASTER]


Purple, average mana
Special name: spell of mimic

  • caster can copy target special effect, this doesn’t empty mana bar. Effect can not be changed once chosen, careful (bypass blindness debuff and dodge buff)

  • once effect chosen, you can choose the target you want to shoot at. Once copied effect fired, mana bar deplete.
    and you can choose another special to copy on next use.

  • can also copy effects from any boss

  • copied rare titan buffs apply to all allies

Passive: mana generation become fast if 3+ heroes (allies or ennemies) get killed during battle.

If there is no special effect to copy, inflict 300% dmg to all ennemies

If I could create a hero. It would be named after myself. It would have 2 abilities. 1. If attacked alot say 5 times. Would unleash a devastating blow to that hero. 2. If hit with 2 hard hits would unleash destruction on several hero’s at once.

I’d love to see hero pairs or duos. For example a 3* and a 4* where if you use both in your team at the same time it gives a big special buff or bonus to the 3*, or something the 3* has gives a mental buff to the 4*. But if the 3* is defeated before the 4* is taken out, the 4*'s attack stats increase with each round. But if it’s just the higher star hero on the team, maybe the special attack does something mundane without the lower star character in the team. So the incentive would be to have both heroes, not just one or the other.

For example: Achilles (4* or 5*) and Patroclus (one star lower). Patroclus maybe gives a mana boost to Achilles, or a healing buff, or maybe allows Achilles to dodge or produce a special debuff. But if Patroclus dies before Achilles does, then Achilles becomes enraged and his special just becomes one focused attack that jacks up more damage each round (like the opposite of what Kageburado’s attacks do.)

I’m sure there are other heroes/characters that could work like this even better that this example.

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What about this?

Name: Mazu
Element: Ice
Class: Cleric
Mana speed: Slow
Special Skill: Call of the seas

  • Recovers 30% HP for all allies
  • Dispels status aliments from all allies
  • Summons a Mermaid minion for each ally with 28% HP inherited from the caster. Mermaid minion prevents its owner of having his/her buffs removed.

What do you think about the entire idea? Could be a countermeasure against Kageburado, and common debuffers wouldn’t be as effective as they are


Only effective against Kage, as he removes buffs before damage. All the other buff removers deal damage before buff removal, so if they kill the mermaid minion with their ability, it would still cancel the buff.

Johannes - Holy - Cleric -:star::star::star::star::star:

658 Atk - 787 Def - 1342 Health

Ability: Chastise the Wicked
Mana Speed: Average
1: All allies counterattack with 80% of the damage received for 4 turns.
2: Recovers 32% health to all allies.
3: Reduces mana of all enemies by 20%.



This is way too OP…


I saw what I worded wrong and fixed it. Also reduced the heal.

Castor and Pollux

Blue 5*
Average Cast

Atk - 685
Def - 725
HP - 1400

  • Dioskouri -
    Deal 295% damage to Target and Nearby enemies. 65% chance to remove all buffs from damaged enemies. Castor gains 15% mana.
    Passive Ability
    If Castor dies while Pollux is alive, Castor is resurrected with 50% of Pollux’s remaining HP.

Blue 4*
Average Cast

Atk - 625
Def - 600
HP - 1115

Nearby Allies gain 33% health. All Allies gain 25% defense. 50% chance to remove all ailments from healed allies. Pollux gains 15% mana
Passive ability
While Pollux is alive, Castor has 10% mana regeneration penalty.

Idea of some heroes :

  1. The Imp
    (Tropical daredevil)
    Mana speed : very fast
    Star tier : possibly 3 * or 4*
    Special : Atomic explosion
    the caster throws itself at the target, both the caster and the target explode together into oblivion . The caster has 42% chance to revive.

  2. Stilleto
    ( the silent infiltrator)
    Mana speed : slow
    Special: power of silence
    The caster disappear from allies line and appear behind the enemies line, wreck all enemies defense by -63%. While on enemy 's line, the caster can gain mana but not immune to allies AOE attacks. Special last for 3 turns

  3. Metigon
    ( the clone goddess)
    Mana speed : average
    Special : the replication power
    The caster cast cowries 1 -5 :

  • 1 cowry, the caster clones the special of one random target for 2 turns

  • 2 cowries, the caster clones the specials of 2 random targets for 2 turns

  • 3 cowries the caster clones the specials of 3 random targets for 2 turns

  • 4 cowries, the caster clones the specials of 4 random targets for 2 turns

  • 5 cowries the caster clones all enemies specials for 2 turns.

Azazel - Fire - Wizard - :star::star::star::star::star:

557 Atk - 818 Def - 1545 Health

Ability: Monument of Sin
Mana Speed: Average
• Caster absorbs 50% of all damage received as healing for 3 turns.
• Caster heals for 50% of normal damage dealt for 3 turns.
• Caster counterattacks with 125% of the damage received for 3 turns.

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Rabaxus - Dark - Fighter - :star::star::star::star::star:

648 Atk - 682 Def - 1585 Health

Ability: Parasitic Haunting
Mana Speed: Fast
• Rabaxus haunts target for 3 turns, leaving behind a spectral image of himself with 50% health inherited from caster. Spectral image does not attack.
• Rabaxus deals 75 damage to the haunted target each turn for 3 turns.
• Should Rabaxus’ spectral image die before Parasitic Haunting ends, Rabaxus returns to the field. Should Rabaxus’ spectral image survive all 3 turns, at the end of the 3rd turn, target instantly receives 800 damage, returning Rabaxus to the field.


Some alchemist type character

Class: Sourcerer, Wizard or Clerik
Color: any
Mana: Fast/Average


  • Some attack effect
  • Turns negative defense and attack buffs on allies into positive ones and refreshes duration
  • Turns positive defense and attack buffs on all enemies into negative ones and refreshes duration.

(Enemy Kiril hits his team with +30 defense and +30 attack and you turn it into -30 and -30 and even if it was the last round for the buff, the duration is reset)

You could call the character Joffrey and put a scar on his face :smiley: but I’d rather see this as a female character.

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Just another special skill idea:

Mana: average

  • Has a 30 % chance of creating her clone in place of a fallen ally.
  • Heals all allies 280 hp over 4 turns.
  • All allies get +30 attack.

The clone would have the same amount of hp as the original, so if the original haf just 25hp when she released the attack, so will the clone

Michael - Holy - Rogue - :star::star::star::star::star:
(Holy Celestial)

727 Atk - 712 Def - 1355 Health

Ability: Divine Vengeance
Mana Speed: Average
1: Deals 250% damage to the target and nearby enemies.
2: Damage is increased by 50% for each dead ally.
3: Regenerates 594 health over 4 turns.


A hero based on Arya Stark’s faceless ability … the special goes off and the hero takes on the form/power/special/mana level of the enemy’s hero with the most mana built up. They stay in that form for 3 turns.

A hero that is based on being a thief/bandit. Their special goes off and they steal 50% of the targets existing mana or health… which ever is lowest. Maybe they also steal 25% of the existing mana or health of the nearbys.

Similalry, how about a Robin Hood character that steals mana from one enemy and gives it to the weakest ally?

A hero that has a twin. If there is an ally dead when their special goes off, they have 35% chance of summoning their twin in the empty space.

A hero that is based on a chameleon. When their special goes off ,they attack and change color. Or, maybe they just change color every 3 turns.

A hero that is “mixed race” of yellow/red. It could be a super rare orange hero that cuts in half the damage from purple/blue and doubles the damage to those colors.

How about a hero with a disability? Disabled people can be heroes too :slight_smile:

A hero that is surreally skinny and that can only be hit on one (or maybe two) widths of tiles instead of the normal 3.

How about a shape shifter? Their special goes off and they turn into something else for a few turns … i.e. werewolf, the hulk.

How about a super, super rare hero that is all 5 colors… sort of like the Voltron.

That’s all for now, but I am very interested in a job on the creative team :slight_smile:

There are really some nice ideas you have there.

This one is a nice one but would go for heroes have a natural 10% miss chance to hit that particular hero.

I have my doubts with multicoloured hero ideas the special attack and weakness ok but what about normal damage and mana gain from tiles would you make that half as you have more chance to get the required tiles on your board?

There is already a topic for it just saying:
“Create your own hero”

Here you can share your heroes ideas

Arya Stark’s faceless ability - Fast mana - When you select an enemy opponent, you use that hero’s special as your own.
In a raid, you need heals, you target enemy’s healer and heal your team. You want to do damage, target best enemy damage dealer (Isarnia, Gravemaker, etc) and uses their special against their team.

And if you don’t target anyone, you create a minion for all allies that has 20% Health and 15% attack

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Here is one that can join the merging list

@Garanwyn @Rook can merge these.

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