Create colour specific troop option

I’m suggesting adding a second level, like Alchemy Lab to Training Camp levels 14-18 where you can train specific elemental 3*/2* troops.
You can either train for feeders as they are now or troops

It would sure be nice with more guaranteed- know which colour you are getting- training :100:

And make it take iron to train them…

Great idea. Unfortunatelly, by SG standards, implementing this would result in just another usual desaster. Training anything specific will last 14 days and cost 300 gems and a similar level troop. And 2800 k food, of course.

Dammit you beat me to it through I believe 300gem is the starting price for 1* troop. 2* color specific would cost 600 gem per and 3* 1200 gem and so on.

Also SGG : It’s cheaper to just buy our troop pack

i wish this was an option, instead of waiting for randoms.
it would make targeted troop leveling much easier
but that is wishful thinking with the way business is ran :sweat_smile: