Create an single @name for Moderators and Regulars

Hello Community,

when I want to report something to the regulars and/or moderators I always have to think about the one to mention with the @.
Why not create an @regulars and @moderators and @staff and everone got a message?
Would be helpful I think…
@Garanwyn @zephyr1 @Kerridoc @JonahTheBard @Rook @Coppersky
Not to mention the 90 members that got Regular Badge…
Or does it work already? If writing it I don’t see it in the “drop down”…THX!

(@mods option?)


Great idea, sometime ago I had exaclty this idea but cannot find it anymore :joy:.
Would make a difference and when 1 mod that has checked can uncheck the notice so that not all mods look at the same, already covered issue, that would also be great for them :wink:

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I was thinking of this because I flagged some posts today. Guess in this case also all mods get the message, right?
So why not install a direct way to reach all?

Actually a really good idea! @supermods or @modhelp. Would streamline the process a bit. Plus we wouldn’t want any of our awesome mods feeling left out :wink:

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Exactly @PapaHeavy. And it needs several steps to find our who got the badge + you need to type them all in. Would be an improvement. It also happened to me that I forgot one of our beloved Mods and I felt sooo bad the whole day :cry:

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Thanks for the idea! I’ll look into this. However, most likely we don’t want to enable mentions for regulars as that might get abused (and it would notify a lot of people).


We are all Negan.

20 baseball bats

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Thanks @Petri ! As Moderators got more rights as Regulars, this would be ok as well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


There are the five player-moderators plus most/all of staff, who have moderator rights even if rarely used. So the key would be to send an alert to just the five player-mods.

While we’re also wishing, it would be great if, once some mod attends to the mention, it’s then cleared from the other mod’s tracking. This is how flags work.

If it weren’t for the stigma of having a flagged post, using a custom flag would be the simplest approach. For example, you see a new thread that could be merged elsewhere. You could flag the initial post, choose the “something else” option, and note that a merge is appropriate.


Just adding a merge option at the bottom along side of the other heart, flag etc etc would cover all those needs.

As you said only the Mods need be affected.

The forum runs on Discourse software, which therefore creates some limits on what “easy” changes are available. Discourse does have various add-ins, apparently written (in part) by 3rd parties, but I doubt SGG is going to incur the expense of writing a lot of code to address this issue. Personally I’d rather that they devote their coding team to game improvement.


That is Fair enough. As you said there should be 3rd party plugin to address that if I am not wrong.

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