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Hello Forum Friends!

I don’t know if there are people that feel the same as me, but every single day there is a new BUFF/NERF thread and it’s way too many. Some are valid, like hero synergy that creates insanely difficult defenses, and others that show heroes that are dreadfully in need of a new buff.

But lately is seems a lot of them are for selfish reasons or to just flood the forum. Many of the selfish ones IMO are people that pulled or maxed a hero and just want it stronger for themselves, not for the good of the game. The ones flooding are often what has to be a joke like buff a hero that is obvoiusly powerful.

So what to do the members and moderators think? If there was a seperate BUFF/NERF category we can weed out scrolling through topics that are coming out faster and faster every day.


I like it, and I’d be surprised if we haven’t discussed it amongst ourselves already :+1:

I think a lot of why buff/nerf threads go wrong so quickly is we often assume or guess the motivations of others and attach it to generalized pejorative groups - freeloaders, snowflakes, whales etc.:thinking:

Unfortunately, this conjecture provokes others ire and we quickly escalate into an irrelevant conflict.:rage:

Let’s stick to the logic of the argument - the mathematics, game mechanics and context of other heroes.:face_with_monocle::game_die:

Then it could be a treasure trove debating excellence :hugs:


Totally agree Jonah. Like politics, with these types of threads it is split to where either side thinks they are entirely right. And discussing heroes and special skills is truly one of the best things about this forum. I hate thinking we as a group are chasing away new members and other that are scared to post.

Carry on wayward Bard.


It would get my vote. I see no reason why we can’t have a separate category in the forum for anything to do with nerf this or buff that.
I don’t mind debating stuff on topic in the forum but it can and does get out of hand, get toxic and get personal very quickly sometimes. And that to me along with lots of negativity is what is spoiling the forum currently.
What must the new players think about the behaviour sometimes…


I would support this, if we can get the Small Giant Staff on board.

Because @moderators can’t create Forum Categories, I did this:


Honestly being In beta has been a good experience…
Only 3 months, I know who’s there in top players, honestly the costume of new hero’s bought them all out…haha
Never seen any comments by certain top players before and iv read alot of the beta threads past…
My guess is top players use beta as advantage to use for there gain on everyone else “Change the meta” instead of giving feed back to beta the right way…
Then we might not need buff nurf threads…


Exactly. These beta testers are basically free labor for SGG. It would be nice to think they can assess the feedback better than they have the last few months. Great comment Dudeious.


This idea sounds very therapeutic!

Is it possible to mute a category?

Omg it is possible!

Please do this! I’m addicted. I can’t stop looking…

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They don’t give feed back that’s the problem.
Only if it suits them.
The Frigg thread on beta is @DaveCozy @Rigs actually doing testing and trying to come out with whats the best solution for her. Giving positive feedback.

Not really a fan of nerfing heroes players invested hard just getting and maxing them, personally, deep in my inner psyche, I don’t approve of IT, with all due respect to the OP and the moderators. This is for the simple reason that by doing so, we tolerate the release of new heroes not properly dialed and extensively and exhaustively tested first prior to being released in the live game. Allowing this is akin to Small Giant relegating the task to the whales and lucky few getting those new heroes being tested in the live game WHEN IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE BY SG IN THE FIRST PLACE THROUGH BETA USING THEIR VARIOUS EVALUATION TOOLS AT THEIR DISPOSAL BEFORE RELEASING THEM AS SUCH.

I mean, they are the ones being paid creating and maintaining this game, design new heroes and events and stuff, why pass such burden of determining whether a hero is to be buffed or nerfed to the already milked players. That is too much a burden already. I have seen and read threads and post in this community forum requesting for buffs and nerfs since 2018 (been a lurker for most of that year and only managed to create an account here in 2019), yet very few of those request buffs and nerfs have been heeded, and even if granted, we still are left somewhat unsatisfied with the results, most of the time. When was the last time our old heroes got rebalanced? That took some time ago and yet those buffs did little effect to the meta, most of the time anyways.

But I guess I am in the minority here.

I don’t disagree with you one bit. In fact I’ve always been awestruck that they are putting game play in beta and ignoring some of the warnings.

My concern is the threads that are constantly having players at each other’s throats time and time again. I just like the idea of these posts being put in an area that can be ignored by those who have to see 3-10 new threads created every day. It’s too much and most likely the least fun thing about this forum.

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