Create an Alliance Loot Box or Monthly Rewards that the Alliance Leader can choose how to distribute to alliance members

I am quite against the introduction of trade and exchange in this game, but I want the leader of the alliance could influence the progress of the members.

Need add a special drop (from titans and war) for the alliance (separate from the individual drop) and a separate box for this drop.
Only the leader of the alliance will have access to this alliance box.
The leader can choose the drop items from the box and give it to the members who need it to upgrade.
in the future, you can add special big events of the alliance, the reward of such an event can be a big alliance drop, mb special hero, mb special buff for war …

I apologize for my translation,
and thank you.

Yes I love that idea it would really benefit my alt account a great deal.


Alliance drop must see all, and to whom the leader will give it
if all the resources go to your alt - your alliance will be 2/30


And your arguement is?

It’s very simple to understand my friend. I already know players with 3 to 4 accounts. don’t you think that if there was any kind of trade that a (some) players won’t have a problem opening up 30 accounts to feed 1.

Until devs can put a complete 100% stop to alternative accounts any kind of trading will and can only lead to total abuse. And that is an area which is almost impossible to control it will never happen

That is the plain and simple truth.


I agree with that idea strongly but I also disagre with trade and exchange.Trade and exchange would help everyone in this game period.

  1. android emulators
  2. bots that play without human intervention 24/7 and get items
  3. game go deep in sh…

this is trade

… I don’t know how this topic ended up talking about trading… Let’s get back on topic, shall we?

Personally, I don’t think it would be right for it to be in the hands of the Alliance Leader. It’s not possible for that lone person to know who all needs what material the most.

What about making it a grab-bag? Basically, giving us double the ascension rolls and letting us choose which item we want from that roll, leaving us with the same quantities of goodies… but hopefully slightly more relevant goodies.

I just really don’t like the idea of someone else pretending like they know what my needs & priorities are and me getting screwed over because their buddy-buddy with someone else and giving that person exactly what they need, while leaving me with the leftovers. :-/


Something like alliance quests would be great and a good addition to titan hunts.


why not…
I do not demand that my version be final

I did say anything to with trading, meaning a player has control over who gets what weather it involves a trade/ swap, exchange or anything like it including choosing who would get items.

It all revolves around the same thing no matter what new name you want give it.

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What is the difference between regular trading and this idea:

  1. We do this only inside the alliance.
  2. We can include a delay of 20-30 days limiting receipt of items from the alliance box for new members.
  3. Limit on the number of items for one member (1 per week).
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Should be sth that rewards war and titan activity and which can’t be influenced by someone.

Would call it activity chest. Gained by every alliance member, who participated say last 5 wars with all flags and hit at least last 10 titans 2 times. Should contain a chance to get mats, which could be chosen before.

Not gonna happen terrible idea

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I would not want the idea to be twisted + 1 new chest.
the essence of the interaction within the alliance
if the alliance is friendly, members are raised at the expense of the leader, then they get quests better and better reward.
and if the leader is bad and deceives members, this alliance should not receive a good reward.

M8, all of this already suggested in many different forms with and without allience only abilities.

I told you, it doesn’t matter what name you give it any ANY system that gives control an allience member to do anything is subject (and it be) is subject to ABUSE and if you can’t see that then your only looking at this for your own personal gain to start with.


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when users of one Korean MMORPG complained that the game gives many ways of deceiving people by scammers, the developer said something like - life is pain
if your leader is an a…hole - break with him and join us… but we are Russian…you know…socialism and more

LOL. I am leader of my own allience thank you. But i no idea how you got that i should leave

If you have nothing ti say DON’T say anything m8.

Everything like trading, gifting or whatever let you swap items between players would result in having multiple accounts to support the main one. That probably would even be the end of awesomeness…


You are afraid to take responsibility for alliance members.
this is the right game for you, don’t do anything, just go with the flow

This would be way too open to abuse. People would create a main account and a bunch of alternate accounts, create an alliance led by one of the alts, and funnel everything into the main.

Any system which involves one player giving loot to another player can and will be abused this way.

The developers have already stated that they are not willing to implement any such feature for that reason.


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