Create a ‘Summon HotM’ Token

This pool of hero’s represents some of the most coveted hero’s in the game.

Once the token exists - is it only as a golden ticket type grandest prize.

Randomly pull a hero from any HotM offered (past or current)

First person to clear Season 3? You get a Vixx token (yes - you can put my picture on it and/or name it after me)

Attained and maxed out every 4* hero? That’s a Vixx Token.

Point is - after 2 years and a million players… there is a lot of milestones and firsts that can be a lot of fun to recognize with something desired and unique.

Might hand out one a month… but you’d also be giving someone a good story and proof :wink:

Bonus points: Put a little trophy in the corner or somehow denote the hero is a prize.

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