Create a hero with a DOT based on max hp

I dont know if It would be so useful on pvp however that hero would be a true beast in pve where some enemies can reach 4k or more of hp

You already have such a hero, called Boril))

Or wait for Fura, she is exactly what you want)

So … DOT based on target HP?

That hero would create a divide in Challenge Events. Those that have it would find placing high MUCH easier.

Fura is kind of close to my idea but not what im imaging.

Lets see a dark hero which has this ability.

Poison could .
Deals 125% to an enemy
Deals damage over 3 turns based on 10% of enemy max HP. Something like that im not doing the math part but i want to share my idea .

Such hero would be a staple by the time of doing quest . You say It would be too unbalanced ?.

I would love to see some new stuff based on pve like proteus

That would be really fun against titans (for those who have that hero :smile: …)

What would be your solution for titans?

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Uhg good point there !
I can see that is not possible with Titans around at least not in the way i imagine the hero

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At 10% against 4000TP enemies wouldn’t be too OP but still very strong and likely shortening battle times significantly (a big factor in event scores).

At 10% in raids would be a wet noodle.

As @D_DI said against titans would be overkill. Single member alliances could be killing 14* with that hero.

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