Create A hero Centuar

image Introduce a Hero Centaur, you have a Horse, Reindeer, Fox, Rabbit, etc. But one of the most mystical creatures every to trek on the lands of myths, legends, and fairy tales is a Centuar and I think such a hero would be a fine edition to Empire & Puzzle family; regarding its abilities, that’s a open discussion…

A dragon would be cool too. And they have a design for it already!


The upcoming yellow HotM is a centaur.


That’s going to be dope, nice work guys!!!

Thanks for identifying that the Centuar will be a yellow hero; but are you at liberty to disclose its special abilities, talents, and/or how the hero looks?

a centaur hero would be cool. Horghall is a tree already and we have tons of cat heroes!


It’s early days for Ranvir, the holy centaur, but he’s a fast sniper with a team buff along the lines of Wu, but with a wrinkle borrowed from Kageburado. Early days of beta testing yet, though, so I’ll just leave it at that. Indian (the subcontinent) influenced art.

“Double R” is going to be dope, I usually give my hero’s nick names when I identify them; more involuntary then purposely smh lol… I understood all the punch lines, and yeah not for nothing he should be “very fast” I mean he does have 4 horse legs, that’s some serous horse power! And I still fear the Wu since Rza and the 36 chamber days, but when I encountered Wu Kong, you guys made me a believer to fear mana glow!!! Then there’s a hint of Kageburado, oh man what are you guys creating up there in Olympus?!

The comparison to Kage was intended to moderate your enthusiasm, not stoke it. Kage goes flaccid if the target isn’t >50% health.

Oh just caught that, mid morning session, my bad; that’s how rumors start lol… Not a fan of Kageburado; he’s cool just not my first choice, his “very fast” mana speed is really rare though and that’s about the only thing that catches my eye about him. Thanks for the heads up and the clarification…

Hoping the horse strikes hard and fast…

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please let it be this pic:


If you have line post your id and I’ll show you something nice

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