Create a gems lottery

Why don’t SG create a lottery ticket style event for gems!? With different prize tiers. They could tie it into the VIP monthly purchases and raise the price slightly or pay more for more chances! On a monthly basis like VIP…
“Subscribe to VIP and be in the draw to win a share of 1 million gems” I’m sure the winners would create some YouTube videos showing off their winning and making huge pulls… thus hooking their players even more

The part that stands out to me here is your use of the word “goochy” I think you meant Gucci which is already a cringeworthy phrase but using it without even knowing why it’s “a thing” makes it even funnier. Also yes a gem lotto would be cool.

It’s a word people use where I’m from… I’m making a suggestion that I think is beneficial to everyone

Edited for your sake, funny man.

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