Create a Challenge Mode

It would be great a Challenge Mode.

For example:

-Win only with fire heroes.

-Win an raid with only three heroes.

-Win 10 consecutives raids.

-Win an raid on a rival 200 points better than you.

-Win 3 raids without using special kills.

I hope you like my idea :grin:

Well, your idea isn’t in the game yet, but it is in the community! You can try some that others have already set, or start adding some new ones! I look forward to seeing that new challenges happen! :smile:

These would make some cool new missions for us to achieve though…

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I see an opportunity here for achievable pins and backgrounds!


I like that! I really would like pins to show achievements…


I’ll re-post my suggestion from beta in the main forum.


I really like this idea.

Very cool. Hope these get some attention.

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