Create a buy back system

Here’s the idea:

I’m sure SG has the data on the average number of summons it takes to acquire heroes of various grades and rarities.

However many summons it takes to acquire a particular hero give us the option to sell the hero back for 50% of the gems along with 50% of the upgrade cost.

That way every investment keeps value. Players are encouraged to spend money, because their investment remains even as power creep keeps growing.

Additionally, new heroes are exciting for everyone in the game. Because instead of feeling like your previous investments were a waste, now you are just considering if it’s time to sell.

More players will stick around, more players will spend money, less players will be frustrated by power creep, and if you pull a duplicate hero, or a hero you’re just not interested in you have an option.

Thank you so much for reading, seriously!

Do you think SG will consider ur request that clearly will reduce their profits?

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I’ve moved this to the ideas and features request section for you.

In general I think there is some merit to the idea, but I think it needs some adapting. It may be a more acceptable or at least easier to manage idea for SG of it was required to be done at time of summon.

This is because of the other sources of heroes such as training camps and hero academy, which shouldn’t be available for the buyback as there was no gem cost to attain them otherwise we’d see people running multiple TC 20’s to farm gems which would not be a fair process for the company, and not one which would have any chance of SG consideration. There is no marker to show source of hero, so even if SG could tell in the background it may lead to complaints from players who misremembered the original source. Tied into this as well is heroes summoned using free currency like EHTs, season coins etc. Whilst these can be purchased it would be too hard to track who came from one that was purchased and who from loot gained. As a result the logistics would be problematic.

There are also other issues about 10 pulls etc and the reduced cost, which should possibly be reflected in the trade in ( as with all retail margin is God after all) but it’s too early in the morning for me to think about that…


I don’t know about you, but I’d spend 3x as much on a game that I knew provided me protections against power creep.

10 players spending 50$ is still more than 1 player spending 250$


Right. In my head you give less gems for more readily available heroes.

So for example, maybe season rares are worth 175 and event rares are worth 200 gems.

Epics, same scaling, 700 for a season epic and 800 for an event epic.

Legendaries are where it would get tricky, but maybe something like 6000 gems for a seasonal legendary and 8500 gems for an event legendary

For training camps I think that the prices should be worth 1/15

For rares: 10 gems
Epics: 20 gems
Season 1 legendaries: 125 gems
Hero academy legendaries: 300 gems.

Dream on.

Would be happy if I could sell s1 rares for 10 gems, s2 for 20…event for 75
So epics if would go for 100 up to 200 would be nice and legendaries maybe like 500 would be great

A sell back option would dilute the gem value and cause pulls to be more expensive.

It wouldn’t dilute the gem value. You keep everything the same as it is now, 8400 gems for 30 pulls 3k for 10 pulls.

Players just get the option to sell back heroes for gems.

It’s fun to try and get the best heroes, it’s not fun to experience the inevitable power creep that makes the heroes you worked a year for, or dropped 300$ on, obsolete.

There needs to be a legitimate solution. The current system is broken. There are lots of routes they could take, but a buyback system like I’m suggesting would provide instant appreciation to everyone who has already spent.

Additionally, old players who quit the game due to power creep could return. They could sell off their heroes and get new shiny ones!

I came back for no other reason than soul exchange, so did many others.

Players want to feel like their time and money is worth something.

This game totally lacks, consistent trading, a pity system, reasonable pacing on ascension/limit break options, and limited hero inventory. All of those issues lead to a series of problems.

Many players are stuck in a loop where they grind out ascension mats for 6-9 months, summon and cross their fingers. If they don’t lucky they have to fork over more cash just to have a viable target for their ascension mats.

Something has to be done. If they create a legitimate buy back system dupes feel bad, but not repulsive. Power creep feels like a reasonable part of the game, not the grim reaper demanding payment to stay relevant.

Anchor said it best during springvale, “you pretty much had to buy master lepus to stay relevant.” If you allow players to sell their old teams to help reduce cost to summon for the heroes you have to get to “stay relevant.” Power creep keeps things interesting instead of killing the game slowly.

I would love to see things like this, that could help us all out, so we feel the game returns to being more fun down here too, and to feel we are valued customers.

“If it ain´t broke, don´t fix it” - sadly comes to mind, though :pensive: I see little benefit for SG to spend resources on coding this thing into the game. Overall player happiness does not seem too high on their list. Still, one can hope, and it´s all we can :pray:

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I would drop 500$ tomorrow if I knew that My investment held some kind of legitimate long term value, but when the only guarantee is power creep it’s really quite frustrating.

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It’s a nice idea in theory but I’m not sure it would work in practice. Using the above gem value I could’ve sold back the 2 extra Santas (I feel keeping one with costume is sufficient), 1 extra Mother North, 4 extra Buddies, all 4 Carols (I’ll leave the 3*s out as I can’t remember the number) I got at christmas for a grand total of 31,900 gems, which I can spend in any portal I like, when I spent 0 gems to get those (All EHT pulls…)? Whilst in some ways I would say “Yes Please!”, such a system would be quickly abused imo… but we can hope

Happy Gaming :sunglasses:

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You’re only thinking from the side of the player. Every action will have an equal and opposite reaction. That will be SGG and they (or anyone really) will see the double dipping as an erosion to their business model and raise the prices of summon to “balance” it as they so very much like to call it. In the end, all you did was dilute the value of gems by adding an extra function of resale.

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Wouldn’t be abusive at all, because you could really only do that in 1 portal, if you were to reparation the process, you’d get reduced value again the next time.

At every summoning event they post the odds of getting what you want out of the portal on the forums.

Even 32k gems wouldn’t be enough to guarantee you anything, but it would atleast give you back value for the money you spent.

They don’t need to do that. I’m telling you right now. Human beings spend more money when they are getting a better deal.

I don’t know if you’re married, but if a store is running a buy 1 get 1 deal we end up spending 3x as much as if we had just bought the one full priced item in beginning.

But, we enjoy the experience more.

SG is flat out just wrong here. There is no their side here. They are actually just lacking in their understanding.

hi SG, we need after-sales service.

SGG already doing what you said. They introduce offer packs almost only a daily basis sometimes up to 3-5 deals at the same time. However you can get the gem at “full price” in the store.

I think you’re missing my point. I didn’t spend any money to get those… I just played the game. I would basically be getting 32k in gems for zero cash. EHTs can be used in all seasonal summons so the above would work for 4 (Christmas, Springvale, Summer, Halloween) portals, not just one. Plus I have a chance of getting seasonal event heroes from HA10 (Which I have done and have seen others do). The potantial for abuse is glaring in my opinion, especially as those gems can be spent in any portal… And I’m pretty certain I have spent a lot less than 32k in gems to get most of the heroes I have…

Look at it this way, Technically an EHT is worth 300 gems, the gem cost of a single summon in portals it can be used in. I use my EHT or 300 gems and bag a 5* event hero which I already have. I can trade this hero back for 6000 gems…20x the original value… And you don’t think that will be abused? Okay… Everyone is entitled to an opinion

Happy Gaming :sunglasses:

You’re acting like you’re going to be beat the summoning odds all the time.

This suggestion doesn’t safeguard against those who get lucky, it protects those who don’t. I haven’t seen a 5 star in over 120 summons. In my last 32,000 gems I haven’t seen a single non hotm 5*.

My story is not an isolated incident. It’s experienced like this that make players want to quit, eventually quit, or quit spending.

To be honest I’m glad for you that you haven’t spent money. But without spenders, you will soon be without a game to play. SGG needs to take serious steps to take care of their spending customers.

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