Crazy sounds while games open

Not related to the game sounds

But only happens when

But every time I open the ap there’s some odd music and banging sounds left over from the mystic vision and nothing will shut it off

I don’t even want to open my game!

Even muted with the volume down it still makes the noise!

If I watch a ad it will go away untill I reopen the ap again and it’s just back. I have to wait untill there’s another mystic vision to watch to turn the noise off again……

Yes ios

Video added for trolls @mogulemon

Please help!


@Saanzi @Petri this looks like a very annoying bug, can your team have a look? From the screenshot, it looks like to be happening on iOS at least.

Also, more generally and without even talking about the bug, it’s already annoying that ads plays audio even though music is turned off in the game’s settings…

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There was something similar to this previously, if memory serves it was somehow music from a Facebook and on that occasion. Thread will be around in this section. Will try dig it up when have more time later

Found it:

Not sure if related/similar to your problem


no video proof means hoax

I can show video when I’m not working I’m on my phone

Also my device is on silent so…… the game is jacked up and yes it’s iOS

Troll post …. Why? Seriously :unamused:

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Thank you I added a video I literally cannot play the game. It’s so anoying. There’s no way to turn off the sounds … it’s from the dumb mystic vision and it’s surely a BUG but I’ve tried everything

Replaying vision. Re install. It’s jacked up.

Oh yeah I see he had the same issue

Hmm but I don’t have fb ……

Also my privacy settings are off.

Well this seems to be dead I’ll just write a ticket and deal with the autobot answers

Thanks for the lead tho. :panda_face::two_hearts:

It’s not doing it right now I’ll update if it starts again.

Nope it’s back Omg fix it!! Please

Try loggin in from another device, see if it’s account related or device related. If it’s device related, perhaps a factory reset might help lose the problem. If it’s account related… hmmm… good luck with the support bots…


Actually got a person! He said they are looking into the issue!
So yay :grinning:. Thanks good idea too. I’ll do that later and let you know. Just for :nerd_face: < type purposes lol