Crazy shop offer

Is it just me that thinks this shop, battle items 'offers is just plain ridiculous? 1000 gems, seriously!

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That’s always been the price when HL was launched.

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Maybe, but I think if I was resident in the sanitorium I still wouldn’t go for that.


Personally, there are only two offers I’d consider buying:

  1. 100 small mana for 200 gems
  2. 100 arrows for 300 gems IIRC

Most of the battle items offers don’t appeal to me. It could be different for someone else.


I barely use battle items at all, can’t Imagine ever paying gems for them.

Now loot tickets on the other hand…

To each their own.

Love loot tickets.

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I agree, I was saying I’ll buy all the LT they’ll sell me lol

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I don’t even look at that part of the shop ever. Overpriced stuff you can build on your own.