Crazy fast, crazy strong, team synergy—6 tiles till game over!

This is the most intense team I have ever built. Crazy fast, crazy strong and one hero is still at 3/70!!


Thx man! A pleasure to watch your videos.

Happy gaming

Devastating! Max Nyx and 6 purple tiles will give you a 95% win rate!

Jekyll, if somebody asked you, what’s the best emblem path for Sergei?

Thank you! I try to make it interesting. haha

Nyx is definitely getting the tabards …waiting for the 6th one!

I only use Sergei for attacking so I went almost 100% attack . I missed one attack node early in the tree, but mine is sitting at 737, 728, 1463 at 19 emblems.

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All attack and limit broken is 811-784-1548. He was a rock star on the tower!!

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Thank you so much you both!!!

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