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Absolutly and f anyone who just wants to play the game… frustration lvls would be even worse if ppl had the capabilities of just buying anything they wanted. Rich would just dominate and anyone who realizes this is just a game will just quit playing. New players would not exist because of the p2p players. Raids suck as it is. After the p2p players have bought everything they need SG would stop making money. Big players would have what they need and there wouldn’t be anyone new playing

Don’t shout.
Don’t cry.

Play, buy or bye bye :wink:

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Wait…are you serious? This is a joke right?

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I think this person is frustrated. Just a guess.


Why is this player still pkaying this game, HONESTLY.

He obvisously has no concept of playing for fun.

Bet yea he did a 10 pull and didn’t get what he wanted, lol and all that shouting, was it really nesaccary?


I have the idea there is some sort of frustration.
This game is not made to ‘get what you want’ this game is designed to take time to develop your hero’s and slowly progress.
There is no need to pay for anything at all in the game, everything can be done without making any payments.

Would you please be so kind as to check your post? All CAPS is often reffered to as shouting. This way I do not think many people will be open for discussion to your suggestions/request.

Just a friendly headsup.


I need to put in an Ideas & Feature Request to prevent all-caps posts in the forum.


@PeachyKeen Good luck with that :slight_smile:


Also-- my font is constantly stuck in ‘sarcasm’ and I can’t seem to switch it off. Any idea how to fix that?

As far as the OP, I just wonder how they feel the game would survive if everything was made available to purchase directly?


I recommend taking your phone for a long hike. Vigorous exercise in nature tends to correct that font setting for me. :laughing:

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You want everything???
Win every raids,events,one shot a 399 titan,
Why not did you win the $100,ooo,ooo. Mega lottery?
If not keep on dreaming
Have fun for a change

Lol. It may survive based on those that spend big but it will drastically affect game and the way it is played as instead of millions of players you would have only a few 10’s of thousands if that.

But then again it may not because in most cases it’s the 100’s of thousand of small spenders that actually really keep the game alive not the minority few thousand of big spenders that only add up to a portion of that.

If it were’re buy everything and players did that it wouldn’t last because once you have everything the money stops rolling in.

Hi there!

First of all, internet netiquette indicates that ALL CAPS is the equivalent of shouting, and probably not how you want to express yourself to convince someone of your cause.

Secondly, Empires & Puzzles is one of the few games I know that balances F2P and P2P gamers (unlike games that are known for the weight of their greed: Game of War, Modern War, etc) so that both types can play in the same space.

Naturally, spenders seem to have an advantage, but the divide is not so wide that there’s no point in a F2P’s playing, as in some of those other games I mentioned. :wink:


Moderator’s Note

Closing, as the OP has edited the top post to remove the original idea post, and has flagged their own post as Off Topic.

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