Crazy CHAOS DEFENSE to deal with - personified!

Rumplesiltskin - The Hatter - Alfrike - Lady Loki - Lord Loki // Danzabzuro on bech as water boy/bear

Forrest Gump once made a statement about mentioned defense - faceing them is like a box of chocholates. You never know what you are gonna get :stuck_out_tongue:

Give me solutions to this madness!!


What, no Cheshire Cat? No Guardian Chameleon?

Small potatoes! :rofl:


Wu Kong / Ranvir :wink:

20 RNG heroes

Creshire Cat, Chameleon, Norns, Wukong and Danzaburo are on offense :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheshire Cat has to be in that defence team 100%

Ony tank is available for Cat. Better put helmet on then :slight_smile: