CRAZY 30,000 gem pull

@Shohoku79 I cannot thank you enough for you detailed and wonderful feedback! It’s really fantastic, now disclaimer, as you know this is the first time i have sped up and added music BUT it was only because the file was corrupt, on my phone it was fine, but i added it to YouTube and the file was corrupted :frowning: Hopefully i don’t have that issue again next time.
Again, thanks for your support and awesome feedback, good luck for your future costume pulls :smiley:

LUCKIEST Player in E&P!!! Alliance Quest pulls, you need to see to believe!!!


Not sure how I missed this one out of your pull videos, but this is what I’d like to see, your voice talking as you are doing your pulls. I laughed pretty hard when you already couldn’t remember Quenell when you pulled Ludwig von Beethoven out with your Coins (I would probably do the same thing too, being that there are so many freaking heroes in this game it’s hard to remember them all). 3 non-dupe Legendaries with just coins and 10X is quite an awesome sight to behold.

With how pitifully represented the Raven family is in this event (only a 3* and a 4*, and you managed to get them both in your pulls, if you recall), I can only imagine there will be more heroes from the Raven family when the Alliance quest make its come back in the future.

So looking like Baby Buzrig is approaching 6 months by this reply of mine. Hope you and Mrs. Buzrig are getting enough sleep.

Not sure if you celebrate Thanksgiving in the land down under, but in three days time is the Black Friday portal and another month will be the Challenge Festival. I’d imagine you’d have most of the heroes by now and the heroes in these portals may not mean much to you, but would be cool to see you make some videos for them, if you have the time and energy.

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