CRAZY 30,000 gem pull

Oh my God, oh my God… :grin:
Brilliant unfiltered enthusiasm. Congrats! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:

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Thanks as always Sarah :smiley:
How did you go?

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I love how you react when Motega shows up :grin:

A huge congratulations @Buzrig

I think you beat the odds there, that’s for sure :joy::joy:

Can you ever have enough S1 heros?:joy::rofl: :wink:

Yeahhhh i was pretty excited @EPHeidi!
Thanks @Warren500, i most certainly did beat the odds!
@Sarah2 wellllll, it would be nice if they bought out like a SUPER costume haha.

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Grats on Motega! The positivity is exactly what the community needs. Keep up the great work!

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Thanks heaps @Mad1max9! You’re right, there is a lot of negativity in the community unfortunately, i feel i have an equal amount of good and bad luck!
Did you have any luck?

I did! I pulled Sergei and Anastasia off of a 10, so I’m pretty stoked about that. It’s always a good day when the RNG smiles on you. How do you like Motega?

And apologies for not subscribing sooner. Let me fix that right now!:sunglasses:

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Congratulations on getting who you were hoping and saving resources for, mate. I think one of the most amusing part of the video was that your son’s crying seemed to have crescendo all the way through to the point where pulled Motega. Love the reaction, too, it’s like your heart stopped and trying to catch your breath and get the beat back into it.

So you went <80 pulls into the summons and got your desired result. One of the things I do enjoy about your videos is that it is quite obvious that you are a spender and willing to do so for the sake of entertainment, and like you said you don’t pull any punches in your videos, and not just show you the positive pulls and edit out the negatives. Luck is definitely on your side if you can pull someone you wanted within relatively small number of pulls (compared to some horror stories of hero chasers).

Love the positive energy and enthusiasm. Now go see what baby Buzrig wants, maybe he just wants a hug!

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He’s really good, i need to create a test drive as he is obviously now fully maxed with emblems lol.
Thanks for subscribing and your support, i appreciate it!

@Shohoku79 LOL my son crying in the background, yes all he wanted was a hug!
I will continue to post all pulls for the benefit of the community!
Thanks again! :smiley:

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Nice one Buzrig. I think Milena is excellent too. You might end up being even happier with her.

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Yeah i have seen how hard she hits from other people’s video’s. Just need some more scopes haha.
Did you get any nice heroes?

I lucked out with Nadezhda after 45 pulls, pretty happy with that. One more ring for her finger and we’re away.

Motega Test Drive WOW!!!

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