CRAZY 30,000 gem pull

Buzrig is Finding Nemo but gets a pleasant surprise with Season 4 challenge coins!
Would you be happy with the challenge coins?


That still shot of the video link was somewhat spoiler-ish… No?

In your quest for finding Nemo, you found Dory instead! Not to mention depleting your current supply of Underpants Coins, where most would have quit already after getting their 3rd or 4th Vollermorks.

Enjoy your new heroes and thanks again for the vid.


You make a great point, i should definetely change the thumbnail as it is VERY spoiler-ish, my apologies for that!
And yes, i did indeed find Dory hahaha. Thanks for the support :slight_smile:

Poppy POWER takes on 5 star def team- Incredible finish!


Supported your YT channel for your efforts.
GoodLuck mate !


I’m still figuring out how the forum works and didn’t see the spoiler part….
Are you suggesting that I should or shouldn’t be reading the card as it reads? Forgive my ignorance. Really appreciate the feedback BTW :slight_smile:

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Good luck with that, 2.75 years in and I’m still mostly bewildered.

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Oh, I was questioning if you needed to read the S1 hero cards… Although if people were just listening, maybe they would benefit? :thinking: :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Hahaha, then I’ll need all the help I can get!

Good morning @Buzrig

I’m really enjoying watching your videos.

A great win for the Poppy’s there!

I just thought I’d mention you did miss the opportunity to create a diamond at this point :grinning:image

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G’day @Warren500, firstly i’m so glad you enjoy watching my videos!
Please don’t remind me hahahaha. When i watched it back i was in disbelief…
I think the Underwild Gem must have thrown me off!
I’ll be doing a Limit Break Video Soon! :slight_smile:


Limit Breakers (Aethers) What, Why, Who & How!? :smiley: Enjoy!


I just watched this now.

Man, I was getting worried with both your Underwild coins getting closer to zero, and no luck with your bonus mat chests. :sweat_smile:

Congrats on your new S4 5*, Buzrig! :partying_face::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada: I’m relieved it worked out for you, and happy that you got her (I don’t specify who to try and keep some suspense).

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Fun video Buzrig!

I liked how you took the time to explain your moves. I think it is helpful to newer players, and maybe forgetful oldies too. :sweat_smile:

Nice win! :+1:

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Thanks @SamMe glad you enjoyed it and appreciate your support as always!

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Check out my theory on how to obtain the HOTM :smiley:


This appears to be a bit similar to the Censure method, where there is the theory / notion that there is some “streakiness” to the RNG used by SGG in their summoning portals. His tests also involves testing the waters with silvers, but of a more controlled pace, where if the desired testing out comes do not produce desired results in the first few tries (such as 2* troops followed by 3* heroes / 3* troops - of the lowest odds in the daily summon portal), stop there and try again, and even if the desire results are produced, check with the desired summoning portal and see if the desired result is produced in a summoning attempt (5* hero, HoTM) comes out immediately and if so, stop, because the window of opportunity had probably closed for that “streak”

His methods have been claimed as that it worked, and some say it did not work. But what ultimately happened where most agreed is that it is used as a measure of control / budgeting resources so someone (especially on a tight budget) won’t go overboard trying to exhaust through gems (and real money to buy more gems) chasing after desired heroes.

So, enough silvers were saved up being a pre-requisite (some save them, some use them), and even pulling the desired 3* hero or 3* troop might take a while, looks like you’ve gotten to approximately 20-25 silvers before arriving at your 3* hero, even that has a low odds of happening, some may exhaust through more silvers and not arrive at that hero. After you got Prisca from the daily, it looks like it was the 6th Valhalla Coins summon when you pulled the bonus Chakkoszrot, not sure if everyone would have saved the same amount of resources, they may choose to quit after the first 2 or 3 that didn’t produce any positive result, thinking it is failed attempt. Now your last Valhalla Coin pull where you got Crazy Evil Santa, that was the unexpected one, much similar to the one where you pulled Bera with Valhalla Coins.

Still enjoying your vids.


As always, thanks so much for your continued support and wonderful in depth feedback.
As a student of this game i LOVE reading what you wrote and find value in it!
CRAZY EVIL SANTA hahahahaha :rofl:
Yes, this is true about the saving of coins and having enough pulls in the summons.
It’s a lot easier to get a positive result IF you have more chances.
Were you lucky enough to score Chakkoszrot?

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About Chuck, yeah… Well… His desirability doesn’t seem to be very high doesn’t he?

Although I have my share of silvers saved up (nothing close to what you have), I usually “test” the waters kind of nonchalantly, so the most I would use is probably 4 or 5, and if nothing super awesome arrived via the portal, I just quit there and start clearing out the feeders. So I use Censure’s method rather loosely, and more as an additional control feature in addition to already playing as F2P, don’t want that sudden urge to blow through my gems in a weak-knee moment and likely end with regret and spender’s remorse, you know?

I have found that I generally “seem” to have the best results if I make my pulls, the first thing in the morning, wake up from the night before, open app, don’t even bother collecting any food and iron and just click through the ever increasing number of pop ups and just head straight for the desired summoning portal and summon with the desired currency without even knowing who’s there or featured. Second one is kind of middle of the night, before going to bed, and this is a pretty distant second.

So this past week, I woke up, opened the app, bypassed all the pop ups, went straight to the Costume Chamber and dropped my first set of 5 keys in. Got a new Little John costume, and then the bonus Chakkoszrot. I got nothing worth keeping out of my other key pulls.

The second middle of night routine got me into three situations where it turned out odds were somewhat favorable.

  1. I managed to pull a Merlin and a Sir Lancelot in a 10x pull (this was before they added additional heroes).
  2. First ever Ninja Tower, I managed to finish middle of the night, got enough Tower Coins for one pull. Lianna… So freaking Ugh… (if that didn’t make sense, it is because the odds were higher for Ninja heroes as opposed to vanilla 5*)
  3. The Slayer Challenge event, finished the event, middle of the night, got enough Challenge Coins for one pull, dropped in, for the 4* Trainer Hero… So freaking Ugh again (once again, odds were beat, but no unique hero).

Please note these don’t always work, of course, there are plenty of times when pulling during those times still got meh results.

Now, we are coming up for September, if you have enough resources saved up, maybe test your theory one more time to see if you can pull Alexandrine within the first 10 summons after getting a 3* hero off of a daily silver.


Interesting theories on time of day you pull, i’ve also seen people who pull at the very start or very end of a summons. It could all just happen to be luck!
Always lovely chatting. What alliance are you in?

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