CRAZY 30,000 gem pull

Hi E&P community, I’ve been playing our wonderful game for around 2 years now and absolutely LOVE it.
I thought I’d start a YouTube channel to share my experiences to help other players improve and give inspiration!
Please check out my first video and if you enjoy it feel free to subscribe. I will be happy to do videos on whatever my fellow players would like to see!


I smiled all the way through - appreciate your enthusiasm. Congrats as you beat the summonses odds Spoiler alert - pulling 4x5* - Joon, Isarnia, Khagan & Dom and the HoTM.

Feedback… I wonder, do you need to read the hero card as it appears? :thinking:

Great job! :star_struck:


Hello Buzrig!

Nice to hear your voice for the first time. :rofl:

I liked that you spent some time going through the summoning odds at the beginning. For some reason, I really enjoy watching some summoning videoes, and I think you are the first I’ve seen provide such a good explanation. :+1:

We are all adults here, but some people may not understand how summoning odds work. Thus I think it’s a responsible thing (not saying it’s necessary) to remind just how low the summoning odds are.

I was happy to see you get a nice number of classic heroes. Actually, your first classic 5* hero pull happened to me too!

It was ages ago but I still remember getting the exact same classic 5* on a double pull from Guardians. He was a dupe, and it felt awful! :rofl:

Love and agree with you for saying that the artwork for the Slayers heroes are dodgy. Too funny. :rofl:

I enjoyed your video. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Liked the video - though I’d suggest to turn the volume down on game so it doesn’t cover your voice. But it was exactly the pace I like from the summoning videos. No 20 mins talk to do 10 summons, but also no skipping through it so you can’t keep track of what’s happening.

As for the pulls… well yea, this event requires exactly that - either you go all in and spend crazy amounts of gems for pulling to get the family bonus or you just pass on it. I did pass on it, saving for magic tower where heroes are decent individually also. Pretty devastating to see how enthusiastic you were and then had to walk away with vanilla ones and underwhelming HotM only. People arguing that pulling trainer out of a portal is a joke - well, same people pls tell me how about pulling 4 S1 legendaries and not a single event one.


I really appreciate the feedback, I’ll keep it in mind for future videos.
I was tossing up weather to summon for Slayers or S4 or magic tower.
In hindsight obviously I wish I held off but you can’t win them all!
Love the name @Suicide_Bunny also :smile:


Nice video mate. You’ve got a good voice for the voice over!

Crazy S1 luck. I was willing you on.

Good positive attitude! You’ve just gotta accept the breaks.


@Buzrig Always nice to hear an Aussie. I opted out on summons for this event as the heroes just don’t suit my play style (and they are butt ugly).
Summons style? Wouldn’t work for me; after the first 5* I quit (I went out with a gambler for a few years and her behaviour made me feel sick).

Thanks for sharing and take care. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks so much @Sarah2, is there anything in particular you would like to see me do a video on? :slight_smile:


Thanks @SamMe, i’m glad that my video was somewhat educational!
I really appreciate you providing feedback so i can improve my content :slight_smile:


Hey @Buzrig, nothing springs to mind. Wait - the Magic Tower event when it drops… That will be interesting although I imagine other you tubers would have this covered too.

I’ve been playing E&P for a couple of years now, and refreshing to hear from an enthusiastic veteran player when so many I started playing with have since quit and uninstalled the game.

I’ll keep an eye out for your next installment.


Idk if you are being sarcastic or not nothing crazy just the normal stuff under the par of expectations :slight_smile:

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Good call Nikolay, i must admit that although the odds played out about right i was completely shocked that i didn’t receive at least 1 Legendary Event hero. Especially considering a lot of other people did far less pulls and got more than 2.

Great video. I was pulling for you to get a 5 star event hero like it was my own pull! Sorry it didn’t work out, but I suspect you will enjoy better luck next time around.


Hey Buzzrig, I enjoyed the video, shared the enrhousiasm and liked the simplicity of it. Along with you, I did almost 4x10 pulls to conan portal but no 5*event hero came as well. Wish luck to the next ones! Keep up the positive attitude dude!


@Buzrig : Good to hear your enthusiasm.

I too enjoy the game immensely.

From about 15 single pulls across 3 days & got Caitlin & Rian,
last day’s 20 pulls got me only Orla + both 3*s…

Luck of the draw makes things dodgey…

Good luck with your content development.


Not sure if it is just me, even though you were the one spending the gems, as a viewer, there comes to a point where it became a bit hard to keep swallowing the continuous summons (perhaps secretly hoping you would stop, as if it was my gems being spent).

A few things I did notice throughout your summons

  1. Besides Maeve, you seem to be besties with Cillian (He reminds me of one of the Vampire squad members called Bishop who was trained to hunt Blade, he didn’t live very long).
  2. You pulled one Orla and one, possibly two Noril, which does complete your 3* and 4* Slayers acquisition.
  3. I saw the 1% 4* Trainer Hero, so close, that could have been one of the 5* Slayer heroes. @SamMe knows what I am getting at.
  4. You managed one HoTM, with this many summons, I’d have thought you’d have at least 2 or 3 of them already.

Thanks for the video.


Thanks @Fockified, appreciate the support! I hold high hopes the luck will be on my side next time!

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Hey @Harry21 i’m so happy you enjoyed my video.
Sending all my good luck and hope that you get the heroes you really want very soon mate :slight_smile:


Hey @dansing That’s AWESOME that you got Caitlin & Rian, please let me know when you have the mats and have levelled both and use them together, i’m excited to see the result. I wish you got more Legendaries in your later pulls but i’m sure you will next time round.
Feel free to subscribe to my channel if you wish, i’ll have some cool content being released shortly!

@Shohoku79 I absolutely feel you, whenever i watch a summons video i root for the player as if it was me pulling, some really cool things you noticed, yes i got a TRUCK load of Cillian, it might be interesting to level up 5 x 4 star reds and use them together… that might make interesting viewing too.
Again although i was disappointed not to receive a legendary event hero i am pleased to get all available 3 & 4 star heroes and will get around shortly to levelling them!
I can’t complain, 1 HOTM is better than 0 however i agree, with that many pulls it would have not been absurd to obtain at least 2 or 3! Take care, Buzrig :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Best of Luck 2U2 m8, keep on believing!


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